August 26, 2022

Nothing Disingenuous about Christ

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

Blessed is the man against whom the LORD counts no iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no deceit (Psalm 32:2, ESV)

For Insight

There is quite a bit written in the Scriptures about deceit. It’s good when we take after Jesus, in whom there was no deceit. He was as genuine as they come. The Pharisees or teachers of the Law never had to guess where Jesus stood. He was not cruel or hateful toward them, but He was not misleading. He loved them because God loves everyone even the wicked, but they were never misled. They knew He did not approve of their practices, and He told them so on numerous occasions.

I have a great appreciation for people who are genuine as opposed to being disingenuous. People who are disingenuous give a false appearance. They are calculating, and good at pretending to be one thing but behind their smiles or seemingly sincere talk, they are entertaining other thoughts and feelings that are not good. They speak in half-truths, can be slightly dishonest, leaving out just enough to keep from giving you the entire truth, lack sincerity and have no desire to be open or authentic. It’s easy for a disingenuous person to smile in your face but mutter or jeer behind your back. Judas was disingenuous. He sat in Jesus’ classes but felt disdain in his heart for His teachings. He supped with Jesus, traveled with Him, feigned loyalty, and support but all the time allowing hatred to fester. Because Judas was disingenuous it was easy for him to betray Jesus with a kiss.      

Operating in deceit is a dangerous practice. One of the first things we learn about the devil in the Bible is that he is a deceiver. When God found Adam and Eve in the Garden after they had sinned, He asked Eve she had done and she replied, “the serpent deceived me and I ate.” (Gen. 3:13)

When we think of the ways of God we know He is not filled with deceit, nor is He disingenuous. Made in His image we are not to be people who are disingenuous. We are not to live in or thrive on deceit. But strive to be people who are genuine as our Lord was genuine. We are to strive for honesty, authenticity and being genuine. Being disingenuous is the last thing we want to be remembered for long after we have departed tis life.              

Praying Psalm 32:2

Lord, I want no part of being deceitful. I do not want to be remembered as being someone who is disingenuous but being like You: genuine, open, and honest in my attitude and practices. Help me to spot those who are disingenuous and to act wisely when I am around them. Amen

Prayer Challenge

Ask God to help you see if there is any way about you that resembles being disingenuous.   

Digging Deeper  

Read Jeremiah 17:9

Read Psalm 101:7

Read I Peter 2:1

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