August 25, 2022

He Keeps on Doing Great Things

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

The LORD has done great things for us; we are glad (Psalm 126:3, ESV)

For Insight

I’ve noted, over the past week or so we’ve entered one of those seasons where we are reminded how God is doing some great things in the lives of His children. One caller shares how God came through with needed funds for school and classes, another couple share how they are expecting a baby soon, another shared how God had delivered them from illness and had a successful procedure and yet another shared how they were approved for their new home. On and on it has gone and my husband and I have been able to rejoice with the callers and then in our prayer time, thanking God how he keeps on doing great things over this earth and in the lives of His people.  

God had restored the fortunes of the Israelites and they were rejoicing in Him.  They celebrated and lifted shouts of joy that could be heard everywhere. They knew what it was like to “go out weeping, bearing seed for sowing and coming home with shouts of joy” (126:5-6). This a was a triumphant and meaningful time for them and their hearts were gladdened by what God was doing for them.

God is gracious to let us have those and similar experiences. Experiencing times of sorrow and tears. Times when we are heavy-hearted and downcast. Times when life seems to be falling apart and nothing we can do to stop it. And then God turns it around and before we know it we are shouting to the rooftops and sharing our joy with everyone and anyone who is willing to listen how God has been so good to us.

You might be going through a rough patch presently. A time where things are difficult, tough, and wondering how you will make it. Looking at the empty places or where things are not coming together as you need them. Where you seem to be on the decline in every way. When we have those times—and we all do—it’s so helpful, comforting, encouraging, and strengthening to remember that God never leaves us, He never closes the heavens or says ‘Sorry, my child, but the storehouse is empty of blessings.’ True, sometimes He’ll let us experience a drought, go through hard times, seem to show up a little later than comfortable for us, but even so, He continues doing what He does and being who He is; He keeps on doing great things all over just so we know He is going to do great things for us also! Be like the Israelites. Trust him. Just wait and see.

Praying Psalm 126:3

God you are great, and you do amazing and great things all over this world, in the universe, and in our lives. Thank You for all the great things You have performed in my own life and for all the great things yet in store for me. Even when I am going through a hard time may I always be encouraged knowing You still do great and wonderful things and always have something great and amazing planned for me. Amen

Prayer Challenge

Ask God if He will do something great in your circumstances.

Digging Deeper

Read Psalm 126:1-6

Read Psalm 145:3-7

Read Luke 1:49

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