Day 103: April 13, 2023

It’s Better to Let Jesus Drive

Key Verse to Read and Treasure:

In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind (Job 12:10, NIV)

For Insight

The bumper sticker on the car in front of us said, “Jesus is my Co-Pilot.” However, I noticed they weren’t driving very responsibly. I told my husband “If Jesus is their Co-Pilot why is he letting them drive so recklessly?” We both laughed. Of course, Jesus would not have felt safe in the car with them at the wheel nor approved of the way they handled their vehicle since they were not only endangering themselves but everyone else.      

We might like how that sounds to say, “Jesus is our Co-Pilot”, but the truth is Jesus is not interested in being our co-anything. He’s either at the wheel or he’s not. He’s not looking to be in the back seat, the passenger seat, in the trunk, or as a road buddy. Jesus is not interested in being a “part-time driver”; only when things go wrong or get rocky in our life but wants the wheel all the time. He is the best driver we could have and can trust to always put our lives in his hands comfortably and all the time.

When we travel between Ohio and Michigan and back again, I write, while my husband drives. I am partially watching the road with him, talking to him and aware of his driving. He’s an excellent driver and I feel comfortable, confident he is making good decisions. He’s been driving since he was knee-high to a grasshopper and I trust he knows what he’s doing and he takes having both our lives in his hands, seriously just as God takes having our lives in his hands, seriously.

Your life is precious to the Lord. He knows that even the breath you take is in his care and dependent upon him. He doesn’t play around with your life. You are not a guinea pig or some scientific experiment where God is testing out methods and ways to see if it works. Not only that, but God can also be trusted to run your life and knows when you submit to his headship your life will come out according to his plans and purposes. When he’s in the driver’s seat you will be safe and get where he wants you to go safely.

As we abide in Jesus, we can be confident of his driving skills also. Turning our lives over to him he will get us from point A (earth) to point B (heaven) without anything that will keep us from our ultimate, desired destination of heaven. When Jesus is at the wheel, in control of our life, even the things that happen along the way between birth and death will not take us off course or steer us in the wrong direction. As he drives, we can feel safe and confident.   

Have you noticed how you have more “accidents” in your journey when you are at the wheel than when Jesus is in that position? That could be because Jesus is a defensive driver. He can see farther down the road than you. He leaves ample space to react appropriately in the case of crises. He recognizes how much you can handle and goes to the appropriate speed. He stops at red lights. He pays close attention to flashing yellow lights, indicating the need for caution. He waits the right amount of time at stop signs. He puts your wellbeing as priority. He does not drive the wrong way down one-way streets. He does not crash or spin out. He is not reckless with your life. You could not be in better hands when Jesus is in control or at the wheel of your life.

Jesus you’re not just a good driver you are a great, amazing, intuitive driver. At times I am tempted to take the wheel from you but that doesn’t work our very well. I’ll let you drive, and I’ll come along for the ride! Amen

Ask Yourself:

Where is Jesus positioned in my life? Am I driving or is Jesus?

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