Day 104: April 14, 2023

From Strength to Strength

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

They go from strength to strength [increasing in victorious power]; Each of them appears before God in Zion. (Psalm 84:7, AMP)

For Insight

The people of God celebrated more than their annual pilgrimages to Jerusalem. Reflecting on more than the strength they found in journeying together, but recognizing the spiritual course which is one of continually greater vitality and vigor. Rejoicing in the progress that is made when their life was attached to their God of heaven and earth.

As you continue living in the Vine can you tell the difference a life of faith, trust, and abiding in Christ is making in your life? In your attitude? With your emotions? In your heart? Your values and principles? Your outlook on life and your way of thinking? As you look in the mirror your exterior may look the same but your interior, the unseen part of you, is progressively changing and for the better!

As a thriving branch on Jesus’ Vine, you are seeing a marked difference how you live life, make decisions, respond to others, react in crisis, or solve and approach problems that arise. You are doing what the Sons of Korah wrote about in the worship song: you are going from strength to strength. You are not becoming weaker or even staying the same, you are increasing in victorious power and at times you feel it, you are more aware of it and rejoice in it.

The Sons of Korah were much like our modern-day praise teams that bless our worship experience. The Lord inspired them to write a powerful and moving psalm to be sung during worship. It was uplifting and encouraged the worshiper’s heart. It undergirded what they knew life to be like in God their Strength and Sustainer. Encouraged them to keep on trusting in God, depending on God, loving God, hoping in God, and clinging to God with all their heart and might.

Not everything about the God/Christ-centered life is based on suffering and difficulty. There is also much happiness, much enjoyment, and things to celebrate and rejoice in. There is a remarkable joy in our soul and a new strength that is not based upon, nor dependent upon external factors. God is always at work in our soul. Pouring his strength into us.

When you establish your life in the Vine you are not going from sorrow to sorrow, stress to stress, timidity to timidity, weakness to weakness, experiencing an absence of power, but you are going from strength to strength increasing in victorious power. Just as it should be and will be for those who learn to make their home with Jesus.

What a beautiful and inspiring experience and state to share with others who don’t know this about being in the Lord. As you witness this truth to others, lifting Jesus up from the earth, Jesus is drawing them in to himself.  

Jesus, thank You for the strength I enjoy all because I abide in you. Amen

Ask Yourself:

Where am I being strengthened in my interior? What difference am I recognizing in my mood, attitude, outlook, thoughts emotions and behavior? What can I tell others about going from strength to strength in Jesus?        

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