February 17, 2022

Regarding Our Prayer Offered in Faith

And the prayer of faith will save the one sick, and the Lord will raise him up. (James 5:15, ESV)     

Sometimes we are feeling poorly, discombobulated, unnerved, unsettled in our spirit, body, or mind in some way. Many today are experiencing this very thing. We may not be able to identify what it is exactly; put our finger on it, we just know we don’t feel our best or quite ourselves either. In these times we can pray to Jesus in faith, knowing we may not know what the exact problem is or what to do about it, but he does.

The prayer of the righteous (a believer praying with faith in through the righteousness supplied by Christ) is powerful and effective. Because we have faith in Jesus to help and heal our condition, we pray in just that way. Jesus is the light that banishes darkness—every kind of darkness. He is the power that overcomes and even works through our weakness—any kind of weakness. He is the Balm that heals our sickness—any kind of sickness. He is the presence that extinguishes any kind of unsettledness and dis-ease. In his presence chaos is calmed and order enters in.

How many times we may feel we need to supply the answer or pray the solution or know exactly what is needed to address our problem or need. But if we already knew the answers or what needs to be done we would not need Jesus. The prayer of faith is simply placing our faith in the One who knows what to do and how to do it in order to bring the health to our situation that is needed and missing. Let’s Pray,

Jesus, what a relief we don’t need to come with answers or solutions, we don’t even have to know exactly what is wrong or going on with us, all we need to do is believe you are the One to talk to, the One who can help and heal us from anything we experience. Amen

Reflective Questions for self and soul-tending:

Have you ever felt in such a way you did not know exactly what was bothering or wrong with you, you just knew you didn’t feel yourself or up to par? Did you remember you could go to Jesus in prayer and he would help and heal you?

How will you incorporate today’s message into your plan of self and soul-care?            

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