September 21, 2021

God is the Strength of Your Life

The LORD is the strength of my life. (Psalm 27:1, ESV)

Surprisingly, as strong, and resilient as the human body is, its capacity to endure and be strengthened, it is surprisingly fragile. A blow to the head, as little as one teaspoon of liquid into the lungs, a few minutes without proper air or ventilation, any one of these things can take the life right out of us. We might be able to defeat and overcome the most severe disease and illness, but a fall has the ability to not only cripple us but cause our death. David declared “The LORD is the strength of my life.” So true! In God, because of God we have strength to live this life as only God himself can help us to do.

One of our daughters is a pediatric hospice nurse and more times that I can count she has talked about visiting a young patient who seemed to be doing well physically, only to pass some time later. She has learned even when her little patients are severely ill as long as the Lord’s strength is with them they can live longer than medical science or doctors have prognosed.

God’s strength is physical, it is internal and external, it encompasses mind, body, and spirit. It is visible to the human eye, yet beyond what the human eye can see, or the mind detect. It will surprise you, encourage you, and delight you. It is yours for the asking and receiving. It is unconditional and free. It is all you need and exactly what you need. It is daily, situational, circumstantial, it is strength for everything you can think or imagine, and it is with you until you no longer need it and that is only when you are called by God to move from this life to eternal life. Let’s Pray,

Dear God, thank you for being our strength in this life without it we could not endure or make it through. Amen

Questions for Soul-Tending:

What does today’s promise make you think of?

Is there something you need God’s strength for presently?

How will you incorporate today’s promise into your plan of soul-care?

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