Day 90: March 31, 2023

A Holy Partnership

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

Jesus went up to a mountain, called those whom he wanted, and they came to him. He appointed twelve whom he called apostles. They were to accompany him and to be sent out by him to spread the Good News. They also had the authority to force demons out of people. (Mark 3:13-15, GWT)

For Insight

Have you ever thought of your life in the Vine, that of abiding in Jesus as a partnership? A kind of holy alliance with God?

A partnership is defined as “a state of being a partner or partners. An association of two or more people as partners. Two or more people sharing ownership as well as the responsibility for managing a company or organization.

Biblically or spiritually speaking your baptism joined you into the family of God, and as you continue your life of faith, abiding in the Vine and as follower of Jesus you have entered a partnership. Not for the purposes of financial gain but for spreading the Good News of Jesus life, death, and resurrection with others, the purpose of reaching the lost. A partnership where you will operate under the power of the Holy Spirit and serve Christ and the Body of Christ through your Spiritual gifting.   

You might be in a number of partnerships presently. If you’re married, you and your spouse have formed a partnership to journey as one, together, build a life together and even serve the kingdom of God together. If you are a parent, you have formed a partnership with your children for the purpose of parenting, teaching, guiding, providing, helping them know and establish a relationship with Jesus. You might even be in a business partnership with someone or others. Each one of the partnerships you are involved in require certain things from you. You have a set of responsibilities and duties to perform or live up to. If you are a good partner then you are faithfully carrying out your part and duties.  

The good news is that, in the partnership we have with Christ we don’t even have the bulk or largest part of the responsibilities. Jesus says our yoke is easy because he takes the biggest and most difficult parts on himself.

The Apostles were to accompany Jesus, study under him, be available to him, go where he sent them, witness to others who Jesus was, and use their authority to drive out demons from those they oppressed and possessed. But their end didn’t come anywhere near Jesus’. He would be going to the cross, carrying and redeeming the sins of the world. Jesus would be instructing, leading, supplying their power, providing for them and supplying whatever they would need to conduct their ministries, forgive their mistakes, fill them with his grace and strength, make sure they were protected, defend them, and support them in every way needed. the numbers of people who would be reached and saved through their partnership with Jesus is still be tallied today.

The same way Jesus was their Supreme, faithful, powerful Partner he is ours also. We have the smaller portion of responsibilities as a ministry partner, and Jesus, along with the Holy Spirit and Father in Heaven, carry the load. Just as the Apostles said yes, we can respond likewise. Jesus wants us to be successful and faithful so there is nothing we will need to fulfill our end that he will not supply.

Because Jesus partners with us and we with him lives are changed, transformation happens, relationships with Christ are formed, circumstances are changed, situations are healed, eternity is enjoyed.

Jesus, as I am a branch on your Vine, I am in partnership with you to carry the Good News about you to others. Help me identify my gifts and the ways I am to fulfill my part of the partnership. Amen  

Ask Yourself

How many partnerships am I in presently? Am I a good, faithful partner? Do I live up to my end? If I think of my life in Christ as a partnership what’s my part? Am I fulfilling my end?   

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