December 3/4, 2022

Trust and Obey

While Joseph was thinking about this, an angel from the Lord appeared to him in a dream. The angel said, “Joseph, the baby that Mary will have is from the Holy Spirt. Go ahead and marry her—Matthew 1:20 (CEV)

When we walk with the Lord and are led by the light of his Word, he promises to guide us through every scenario in life we can think or imagine. We might find ourselves confronted with problems, bearing up under grief or loss, feeling as though we are carrying a heavy cross; God will guide us through and help us make decisions based upon his will and plans for us. He will lead us in the right direction until we reach our destination of heaven.  

The Christmas story would not be complete without spending some time with Joseph. Joseph’s level of obedience to God is commendable. Not many of us can say we’re willing to be as obedient as Joseph was. What Joseph went through would make a good story line for one of today’s reality shows: Unwed mother, claims to be a virgin but gets pregnant, her fiancé  struggles with what to do—he loves her after all—but feels its better to break it off, until he has a strange premonition where he learns the pregnancy is actually a miracle by God and she’s still a virgin; untouched by any man. He trusts what he’s been told and steps out on faith. Intriguing. Right? 

Some have called Joseph the first stepfather, I would more refer to him as a surrogate father. We know that for a time Jesus’ own siblings may have questioned his deity ( Read John 7:3-5), but we never get any indication through the Scriptures that Joseph ever questioned or doubted who Jesus was. Joseph’s faith in God must have been the foundation for what we say today, “If God said it, I believe it, and that settles it.”   

Joseph’s trust in and obedience to God must have been equal to, if not exceeding that of Mary’s. If we’re striving to trust and obey God, Joseph is an excellent model for us.           

God, thank you for the example of Joseph, especially when it comes to trusting in and becoming obedient to you. Joseph believed your message without any hint of doubt and so doing had the honor of parenting his Savior and ours. Amen            

Advent Mindfulness

Is there something God needs you to trust and obey him? Spend some time reading more about Joseph in the Gospel of Luke.

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