June 4, 2021

Affirming Message: I Will Cast My Bread Upon the Waters and Find it After Many Days!

Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.—Ecclesiastes 11:1

Solomon preaches a powerful sermon with these words and promise from God. If we were to sum it up, we would say it is about sowing and being patient. Like a fisherman puts his or her rod into the waters, they have the bait they need to attract the fish, but they cannot say when the fish will bite so they learn to patiently wait. Or the farmer puts his seed into the soil, just the right depth for the seed he is sowing, the right nutrients, sun, and rain all the things necessary to make the plant grow up to be healthy and strong, but he cannot know for sure at what day the plant will poke through the ground. There is an estimation, but God is in control of the actual growth and process.      

My grandfather and grandmother were expert fishermen. I learned to fish by accompanying them on fishing trips and when I wasn’t eating all the goodies my grandmother had packed in the basket or reading my book, but actually fishing, I learned a lot about casting and patience. As I grew up and was less consumed by the picnic basket or my reading, I learned there were benefits of learning to fish that had nothing to do with just catching fish.        

We are to be people who are willing to sow and be patient. In the time of Solomon, it was not unusual for the merchant ships to go to sea, loaded with fine goods for trading, headed for a certain port, but it was not a one-tank-trip, and they would be home the following day or week. It could take months before the merchants saw the ships return or made a profit from their goods. In the meantime, they went about their duties or business with hopeful anticipation, trusting in God for the ships safe journey and profitable outcome.    

We live in a world where instantaneous is desired. New technology has spoiled us, and we do not like waiting and have become very impatient. Our impatience shows up in every area of life. But God teaches us patience and learning how to sow and be patient, for a good and profitable outcome is to our benefit. When we cast our bread upon the waters, we are casting our bread, or investing in the things that will pay off—maybe not right away, but eventually—and the reward and return for us will be great. We cast our bread and invest in the lives of others, even in our own lives, not with worldly impatience but with godly patience, anticipation, and trust.

Because God teaches us the concept of patient sowing and patience in reaping, we can understand when we invest in the lives of the poor or struggling and know it may be a moment before we see any progress in their lives, before they are self-sustaining and strong; remembering big ships do not turn around quickly but take a moment to return! However, we can be assured that God is preparing a special blessing just for us because of our willingness to sow and invest into the lives of others and even our own life. Because God has promised to bless our casting and investing we should never be afraid to sow into our life or the lives of others. It is a mystery God does not have to share with us; only knowing that he does based upon his generosity, promises, and grace. We begin a journey to better ourselves, we start down a path to grow spiritually, educationally, even in character or temperament. It may take some time, but it will pay off, the time or investment is never wasted, God assures this.

Think of how much of God’s Word is dedicated to the principle and concept of fruitfulness, harvesting, investing, sowing, planting good. It supports his promises, character and nature of blessing, increase, creation, enlargement, recreating, bringing about good and reaping. God supports us in our life and blesses the life and person that is not afraid to sow and invest in the things that matter to God; the person who learns how to cast their bread upon him.

We are never too old or young to learn to do new things and live life from God’s principles, and commands, and when we do put them into practice the harvest is great and everything we cast upon the waters of God we will find after many days of diligent sowing and patience. Let’s Pray,

Dear God, I am learning how to live according to the principles you have put in place and am seeing with my own eyes how it pays off. Because you are faithful and keep all your promises I am blessed. My life and the way I live can become an example to others. By the power of your Holy Spirit keep me focused, open and willing to cast my bread upon the waters so after many days I can enjoy the fruits of my casting. In Jesus’ name. Amen    

Affirmations I Can speak Over Myself:    

I (name) will cast my bread upon the waters and in many days I will find it! Amen

I (name) will practice the principle of casting my bread upon the waters and after many days I will enjoy a full return and be blessed by God. amen

I (name) will cast my bread upon God, invest in my life and the lives of others with full faith that my God will make my patient waiting and sowing well worth my time and effort. Amen    

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