Spending time with God daily transforms soul deserts into gardens, enlightens darkness, strengthens weakness, heals sickness, and relieves our minds of earthly worries replacing them with heavenly hope


  • Day 92: April 2, 2023

    The Person of Peace Key Verse to Read and Treasure: Now may the Lord himself, the Lord of peace, pour into you his peace in every circumstance and every possible way. The Lord’s tangible presence be with you all. (2 Thessalonians 3:16, TPT) For Insight Everywhere we read Jesus’ invitation to come unto him, it…

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  • Day 91: April 1, 2023

    When the Spirit Stirs Key Verse to Read and Treasure Now there was a disciple at Damascus named Ananias. The Lord said to him in a vision, “Ananias.” And he said, “Here I am, Lord.” 11 And the Lord said to him, “Rise and go to the street called Straight, and at the house of Judas look for a man of Tarsus named…

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  • Day 90: March 31, 2023

    A Holy Partnership Key Verse to Read and Treasure Jesus went up to a mountain, called those whom he wanted, and they came to him. He appointed twelve whom he called apostles. They were to accompany him and to be sent out by him to spread the Good News. They also had the authority to…

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  • Day 89: March 30, 2023

    Becoming Key Verse to Read and Treasure And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. (Philippians 1:6, ESV) For Insight When I was growing up there were three people I loved to hang out with. They were…

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  • Day 88: March 29, 2023

    God Will Refresh Your Weary Soul Key Verse to Read and Treasure I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint. (Jeremiah 31:25, NIV) For Insight Israel was stubborn. They not only were disobedient toward God, but they also refused to believe in God’s promises for them. God graciously let Jeremiah repeat his promises of…

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  • Day 87: March 28, 2023

    Enjoying Fellowship with God Key Verse to Read and Treasure That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we looked upon and have touched with our hands, concerning the word of life— the life was made manifest, and we have seen it, and testify to it and proclaim to you the eternal life, which…

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