Day 147: May 27, 2023

Beautiful Feet

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings food news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, Your God reigns—Isaiah 52:7, ESV

For Insight

Very seldom do we think of feet as a beautiful part of the human body. Feet can have a lot of issues. Feet can be unattractive. Feet can smell. People often try to hide their feet because they do not like the look of them. There are countless products on the market that try to help us have better feet. Lots of money is invested in making feet more attractive and presentable. But at the end of the day feet are just feet and the only reason we might pay them any attention is that they make us by calling attention to themselves. Our feet don’t need us, we need them. Even if your feet ache at the end of the day you probably never say, “Boy I wish I didn’t have these feet!” You don’t wish or pray to be footless because you realize how much you need them and consider how many do not have feet or have use of their feet, you realize your feet are a blessing. Perhaps having feet and realizing how much they do can make us more appreciate and thankful for them at the end of each day.

Isaiah gives us something else to think about concerning our feet. They have other uses beyond taking us wherever we want to go. They are for more than painting, tattooing, and putting them in shoes. Isaiah says they can bring good news to others. In fact, Isaiah describes the feet of humans as “beautiful.”

What kind of news do your feet bring? There are people who bring bad news. As soon as we hear or see them coming, we sigh or dread it because they never seem to bring anything good news with them. Then, there are those, when we hear their footsteps, our heart quickens. We are excited that they are coming because they always bring with them something good or happy, they always seem to lift our spirit and encourage us.

According to Isiah if your feet bring good news from God, good news of salvation then you are also brining peace and happiness. The good news you bring may be in the form of comfort, hope, encouragement, love, and compassion. All of these are good news from have and God. All of these have the ability to fill the atmosphere and soul with joy.

We’ve had times loved ones, friends, congregants were experiencing health challenges or going through procedures. At those times we keep an eye on our phones awaiting news of the outcome. What a relief when their call brought and relayed good news. Our heart rejoiced and happiness filled our soul. No matter what is going on in our day and life good news is also welcomed.                                       

More than ever, people need good news but not just any good news. They are in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. More than ever before people need to hear and learn of all the Lord is and can do for them and how much he cares for them, and they matter to him. More than any other age people need to know they are not alone and do not have to figure out their problems by themselves, they need to know there is no problem too hard for God to solve, no brokenness too deep for God to mend. They need to know they have help to weather their storms and help to rebuild broken lives. They need the good news that they don’t need to work their way into heaven, but salvation has been gifted to them through Jesus’ loving act as he died on the cross for them. More than ever people need to be visited by the beautiful feet of those who have a good message to leave them with.

Our physical feet do a lot for us within our twenty-four-hour day but the most important journey they will take, the most important activity they will perform is delivering good news upon the mountains of hurt, despair, pain, loneliness, lostness, confusion, sickness, and discouragement. God bless your feet!

Abba Father, I don’t give my feet a lot of thought—at least not until they hurt, or they have something going on. Thank you for the physical feet you have given me—I’m blessed to have feet when so many don’t. May I use them to serve you and bring good news to others.

Ask Yourself

Do you show love to your feet by taking good care of them? Do you use your feet to bring good news to others, spreading peace and happiness?    

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