Day 140: May 20, 2023

You Matter to God!

Key Verse to Read and Treasure:

I have engraved you on the palms of my hands—Isaiah 49:16

For Insight

When my mother was alive, she always told me and my sisters she loved us and followed that with “and don’t you ever forget it.” She has been at home with the Lord for more than thirty years and we have never forgotten her words or her love.

There are also truths God wants us to remember and never forget. Too many to write in this small space but a few of them are:

God will never leave us nor forsake us (Read Hebrews 13:5)

God will defend and protect us (Read Psalm 62:5-7)

God will supply all our needs (Read Php. 4:19)

God will watch over us (Read Psalm 121:5-8)  

And we matter to God ( Read Psalm 139:16-17)

Each one of those are important for us to hold onto. In a world where there is so much loneliness, despair, sorrow, pain from being overlooked and feeling unimportant and invisible, knowing we matter to God is important.

When Jesus encountered the hurting and rejected, the confused and downtrodden one of the things he always made sure to convey was their life mattered to God. Their pain mattered. Their brokenness mattered. Their sorrow mattered. Their unmet needs mattered. Their confusion mattered. Their feelings of hopelessness and defeat mattered.

God put us first, so he sent Jesus to supply our greatest need: being forgiven, redeemed, staying connected to the Father and staying connected to his love and care for us on earth and throughout eternity. God was not willing to be separated from us nor that we would lose our relationship with him. He was not willing to let Satan hold onto us, keep us captive and enslaved to sin. God made us especially for himself and he was not willing to be without us for one day or second. God had a plan to make sure we could continue belonging to him because we matter to him. God made a way and gave a promise we could hold onto. God knew we could not keep the Law so he promised and sent the Gospel because we matter.

God made us. We messed up terribly, beyond human effort or attempt to repair. Too badly for us to fix. God could have thrown us out like trash and start over, but we were not disposable to God. We mattered to God then, and we matter to him now.

Because you matter to God, he will do everything to assure you that you know. Because you matter to God you have a reason to keep living, keep pushing through, keep trying, keep overcoming, keep hanging on.

God will supply your needs. He will defend you. He will bless you. He will cover and protect you. He will love you unconditionally and forgive you. He will reassure and tenderly care for you. He will pick you up when you fall down. He will walk with you and talk with you. He will listen to you and understand you. He will hide you in his sanctuary when you need his quiet space to restore. He will shelter you refuge from the storms of life. He will rebuild you when you have been torn down. Because you matter to God, when he sees the need, he will admonish and discipline you. Everything God does he does because you matter to him, and he wants you to be his now and for all eternity.    

As Jesus said, if even the birds of the air have the Father’s care and concern, if they matter to God, then how much more do you! (Read Matthew 6:26-27)

Father God, Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier, how comforting and assuring to know that we…I matter to you! Even if I did not matter to anyone else in all the earth just knowing I matter to you I can rejoice and be strengthened. Amen

Ask Yourself

How do I feel knowing I matter to God? That my life and my journey matter to him?     For more devotions visit:

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