Day 114: April 24, 2023

Custom Made by the Dream-Maker and Giver

Key Verse to Read and Treasure:

And the man said, “They have gone away, for I heard them say, ‘Let us go to Dothan.’ So Joseph went after his brothers and found them at Dothan. They saw him from afar, and before he came near to them they conspired against him to kill him. Then they said to one another, “Here comes this dreamer. Come now, let us kill him and throw him into one of the pits. Then we will say that a fierce animal has devoured him, and we will see that will come of his dreams.” (Genesis 37:17-20, ESV)

For Insight:

Are you a dreamer? I dream and very seldom do I forget what I’ve dreamt. Even the silly ones that make no sense at all. Then there are those dreams God sends to me for the purpose of giving insight, helping me understand something, healing, moving me forward in life, or revealing me his plans for me. Those dreams touch me deeply meaning and stay with me for a very long time. There are some I have dreamt decades ago that I can still remember every detail and their meaning as if I dreamed them last night.

The dreams God gives are more than wishes that evaporate the moment we awaken, more than snippets of subconscious, random thoughts from the day’s journey brought back to us as we sleep. God uses dreams to speak revelation and truth, for prophetic purposes over us, and so we can know what he’s planned, is working on, or taking us to.

The dreams God gives can awaken us and shift our perspective. God can use a dream to uncover or reveal something new or previously hidden or covered over. Often times people who have had childhood traumas like abuse or suffered a great loss can become disconnected with the dream God sowed into them as he knit them together in the womb. God may use a series of events or dreams and visions to help refresh their memory or reconnect them.

In Genesis, Joseph’s brothers mocked him about his dream. “Look here comes this dreamer” they chided before they threw him down the well. Unfortunately Joseph thought they were as excited by his dream as he was. He had no way of knowing they were jealous and plotting his demise. Their spiritual discernment was non existent they could not understand that if God was going to elevate Joseph it would result in being elevated alongside him.

In every age God sends and gives dreams and visions because they serve his purposes. Through humans God advances and spreads his kingdom on earth. We never get too old to receive or be reconnected to God’s dream for our life. It’s a dream that is ours for life. The world will try to steal it, the devil will try to kill it, jealously of others will try to squash it, but God will give it back again and again until we begin to believe it, discern it, and take the necessary steps to walk in it.

Dream-Giver, help me to know what you have dreamt for my life. Through prayer, reading your Word, wise counsel, quiet listening, and journaling help me connect and reconnect with the dream you have given me. I already know it’s going to be amazing I can feel it in my soul. In Jesus’ I pray, Amen

Ask Yourself

Do I know the dream God has sown into me? What am I doing to move toward making my dream and Gods vision for my life a reality? Do I need guidance or help to interpret what I sense from the Lord? What’s my next step or small goal to put my dream in motion?

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