Day 106: April 16, 2023

Nourish the Hungry Soul

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

We work to feed our appetites; Meanwhile our souls go hungry. (Ecclesiastes 6:7, MSG)

For Insight

An appetite is defined as having a deep hunger or thirst. When we think about the world we live in, much of it is synonymous with things to drink and eat. It’s hard to turn on the TV without seeing something related to food, trying to appeal to our appetite. And most of the time it works. Even our Alexa flashes recipes all the time that look quite delicious and appealing. Often, I will say, “Alexa, save this recipe.” Or “Alexa, show me this recipe.”

Our need to gratify our stomach is powerful but there are other appetites we seek to satisfy that are not related to food or drink. If appetite is defined as having a deep hunger or thirst, that hunger and thirst can reach beyond food and drink.  Whatever our appetite, Solomon was onto something when he said we work and toil to feed our appetites but in the meantime our soul goes hungry. What are the appetites you work and toil to feed? The things you have a deep hunger or thirst for that you are willing to toil to attain them. 

There are several things we learn from Jesus as he lived on earth: he managed to live without developing a deep hunger or thirst for the things of this world. He managed to avoid being driven by the lust of his flesh. His belly’s hunger did not drive him. He did not develop a hunger for power, status, money, or material possessions.    

Jesus didn’t live in isolation. He was not a hermit. He was not even like John the Baptist living in the wilderness eating only locusts and wild honey. He moved among people, enjoyed relationships, accepted invitations to parties and dinners, was in and out of the homes of the rich and powerful, yet he was not attracted to material things, power, or status. In fact, Jesus seemed to be unimpressed with all of that, which meant he was not bribable, and he didn’t sit around longing for what he didn’t have. It could be that because Jesus didn’t struggle in this way because he was spiritually nourished and well fed.  

Being spiritually nourished verses spiritual malnutrition will guard us from coveting the things of earth. When we are spiritually malnourished, we don’t have the ability to digest spiritual food, lead to a reduced spiritual strength, and have impairment of spiritual vision. All of these are critical principles we need in order to stay balanced and spiritually healthy.

As Paul said in I Timothy 6 it is not money itself that is the sin, it is the love of money that leads to sin. It’s not the things of this world or having them that will make our soul bankrupt, it’s our lack of balance and perspective that starts with being spiritually malnourished. The rich are not doomed to hell because of their wealth. There will be great numbers of people in heaven who were rich on earth. The path to hell begins with the journey of being spiritually malnourished, leading to spiritual death.

When we abide in Jesus and Jesus abides in us, we will not have to worry about spiritual malnutrition. We will be well fed. Our appetite will not be for the things of this world but Jesus.

Jesus, may we abide in you always, so we never suffer from spiritual malnourishment. Amen

Ask Yourself

As I abide in Christ is my soul well-nourished and fed?

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