Day 105: April 15, 2023

Communing with God

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

Altogether, Enoch lived a total of 356 years. Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was not more, because God took him away. (Genesis 5:23-24, ISV)

For Insight

Moses describes Enoch as being someone who walked with God. Meaning after the generations of people who were not following God, Enoch came along and enjoyed unbroken communion with God. Enoch was not just a “godly” man whose life pleased the Lord he walked with God habitually in unbroken fellowship the same way a mother would keep her baby close to her by securing him or her with strips of cloth. In that way the baby was with her constantly. The baby was soothed and comforted by his mother’s movement. Calmed by her heartbeat. Knew the sound of her voice and the pattern of her steps. The baby was rocked by the mother’s movement.

In the Jewish culture there is a movement worshipers make that you may be familiar with. It is called “Davening.” Davening is the practice of rocking back and forth while reciting the Scriptures or praying intensely. It is the soul’s way of getting lost in communion with God. Can you recall times you have seen people do this during Christian worship? Maybe the preacher was preaching, or the choir was singing. Or the prayers were flowing and filling the atmosphere. The stronger the Word being preached or sung, the more intense the praying became, the more the Spirit could be felt, the more vigorous the rocking became. This rocking is more than a self-soothing movement it is a Spirit-to-spirit connection.  

This is what David meant when he wrote, “Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.” David’s words are more than beautiful poetry, they express the cry of his heart; the heart that longs for and wants to be connected to God. The heart that wants to be rocked in God’s arms, saturated with his powerful, sweet Spirit. Crying out, rocking as God comes close and the spirit feels the intensity and close communion. When David wrote Psalm 42, he was missing worship because he was secluded in the wilderness. No doubt, according to his custom and culture he would have been rocking as he prayed intensely to God as he recited the Word of God aloud and in his heart.      

The way Enoch walked with God is a testimony of his life and journey as a man who exampled a biblical expression of fellowship and obedience, resulting in divine favor. This is the blessing of all who live near to God and abide in Christ. As you worship, pray, and sing let God swaddle you as you commune with him.

Lord, what a powerful communing we are able to enjoy while still in this flesh and on earth. In this way all of us can be like Enoch, walking with you until you return for us. Amen

Ask Yourself

Have I experienced Deep calling to deep as I worship, pray or praise God?

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