Day 100: April 10, 2023

Jesus is a Shield All Around You

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

As for God, his way is perfect, the word of the LORD is tried; he is a buckler to all them that trust in him (2 Samuel 22:31, WBT)

For Insight

Samuel describes God as a Buckler. In the Old Testament we might see this word quite often. A buckler was a portable shield surrounding the person or soldier in battle. It was also a large shield that protected the body (see Psalms 18:2-3; 35:2; and 91:4). These shields were effective defensive tools, to keep the soldier safe from harm.  It was hard for the enemy to wound or kill the soldier behind their buckler because they could not get to them.

What a beautiful, powerful imagery for the child of God. Possibly the inspiration for the Gospel hymn “Jesus be a fence all around me.”

St. Paul said it’s not until we get to heaven we will know all the ways the enemy tried to attack us. Satan targets our:

Our health…

Our finances…

Our emotions…

Our relationships…

Our sexuality…

Our thoughts…

Our heart…

From every angle he comes at us, but the Word of God says God is a buckler, our surround shield. We are covered on every side. God not only has our past and our future, but he has covered our present also.

Sometimes on a rainy day my husband will put the umbrella up for us to walk under. He’s such a gentleman! But there are times I am not matching my gait to his and will end up walking out from under the umbrella, getting ahead of him. All  the time, the rain is falling on me and I am getting wet. And he’ll say, “I can’t keep you dry or keep the rain from falling on you if you don’t walk with me.”

Can you hear God saying that same thing to you? “Son, daughter, I can’t keep you safe from harm, I can’t protect you if you don’t walk with or behind me.”

God is not only your very present help in time of need, he is your shield, your buckler that encircles you but if you don’t stay with him, you can’t be covered or protected. Your position is not one of lagging behind, moving at your own pace, because you won’t be covered or protected the way God wants to.     

God’s protection is more than adequate but we must stay with him, we have to stay behind that shield he has put up. If we get out in front of him, or rush off ahead of him we won’t be shielded from the enemy’s fiery darts and we will be wounded or worst yet, we will be killed. Remember, Satan comes to kill steal or destroy (John 10:10).

To be under or behind the Lord’s shield takes careful listening, being in tune, spiritually discerning and aware and trusting. God’s done this before; from the beginning of time and He’s excellent at what he does. He’s not a novice nor does he lack peripheral vision. He sits high and looks low and there is not a shot the enemy can take that God does not see him coming at us.

Where is the place God needs you to be for full protection? Your position is on the Vine. Jesus is that shield and buckler God has provided. With Jesus you have the covering you need. Jesus knows the enemy’s tactics and every path he will take. He knows Satan M.O. like the back of his own hand. He will keep you safe, he will defend you, he will fight for you and go ahead of you. Let Jesus do what he does exceedingly well and perfectly, and you will make it through to the end.

Jesus, we’ve so much to learn. We think we know how to do this journey on our own, but we don’t. we pray, be our shield and buckler Jesus. Amen

Ask Yourself

On a scale of 1-10 how well am I doing staying behind my Shield and Buckler? How often do I get out in front and walk without the protection Jesus provides?      

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