Day 99: April 9, 2023

With Power and Authority

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” (Matthew 28:18, NIV)

For Insight

We can spend a lot of time in a power struggle with the Godhead. Waste a lot of time over our lifetime (trying) to flex our spiritual muscles, determined to have our own way, do things our way, push our way through over God’s way. But I’ll say today when we look back over our life, we can see how pointless those struggles will have been. How they have cost us time, energy and sometimes money and resources. They have kept us from blessings, breakthroughs, and victory far too often.

Jesus came out of the tomb with all power and authority in his hand. I’m not sure how we could even begin to think or believe we are a match for him when it comes to power or having authority in any area. How insane to believe we have any power that could match his and get our way. We have at best, limited power to exert and no authority. But Jesus unlimited, inexhaustible, and perfect power.

What will work for us is submitting to him. Solomon writes “In all your ways submit to him and he will, make your paths straight (Prov. 3:6)

Submitting our free-will to the will and power of Christ we don’t lose anything. in fact, we gain power and authority. It is by and through the perfect and complete power and authority of Jesus we are made whole and complete and powerful and can fight against the forces of darkness successfully.

The power we gain by living in the Vine is sufficient to stand in trials, have strength as we battle the forces of evil, give us unwavering perseverance and endurance so we can conquer any enemy and fierce time.

Because Jesus died for us and we put our faith in him, are joined with him through baptism and faith we are no longer enemies of the cross but friends of Christ our Savior. Jesus will share power, supply power, and send power to those whom he calls his friends and those who call him friend.

When Jesus went into hell on the Saturday following his crucifixion, his appearance let Satan and all demons know he was not only alive but not even hell was out of the reach of God. The forces of evil saw they had no real power in life, in death, upon the earth or in the lives of believers, but all power belongs to Jesus and his death and resurrection gives power to the child of God and every branch on his Vine.

Because Jesus went to the cross with each of us on his mind and heart and rose with all power and authority we can live with power, worship with power, speak with power, preach with power, teach with power, praise with power, parent with power, pray with power, and die in power. We are a branch in the most powerful Vine of all the universe, we bear his mark of victory and have authority to bear his fruit. We are not earthly but kingdom producers with the power of Christ to go with us everywhere we go.

Jesus, you rose with all power and authority in your hand. Thank you for going to the cross and saving me from my sins. As I abide in you, I will not live with timidity or fear but with power and authority over the forces of evil that come to destroy my life and my destiny of heaven. Amen                 

Ask Yourself

Am I speaking with authority over my situations? Am I living life with the power and authority Jesus has extended to me as a believer or am I operating in weakness and fear?   

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