Day 88: March 29, 2023

God Will Refresh Your Weary Soul

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint. (Jeremiah 31:25, NIV)

For Insight

Israel was stubborn. They not only were disobedient toward God, but they also refused to believe in God’s promises for them. God graciously let Jeremiah repeat his promises of redemption to them. Graciously, because God did not have to keep repeating himself.

In life we can get so busy we are more like the dried flowers we keep in on home for display purposes. The ones we might add drops of essential oils to make our home aromatic. More like dried out than living, fragrant and fresh blooms. We are not only depleted and drained physically but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Remember God is the Gardener, and he knows when those branches may think they are getting all their sustenance from the Vine but in actuality are pulling more from themselves and other sources rather than the Vine.

Like the Israelites we experience the graciousness of God. The Father knows how to bring a good word when we need it and he’s gracious to repeat it so closed ears can be opened to receive the richness of his promises.

The Father knows, the Son knows, the Spirit knows when we’re worn to a frazzle. We may not be willing to admit it. We may not even recognize it. We are driving in the wrong lane to get what we need. We are on the hi-way of self-diagnosis, and know-it-all and cannot see we need to make an adjustment from self-containment to being fully in the Vine.

In our commute between home in one state and church in another state we often encounter traffic issues. At times we can see how the eighteen wheelers are maneuvering in such a way it forces the smaller vehicles to get into a certain lane. One or two big trucks may block up a lane making smaller cars, and SUV’s move into the right or left lane. We can’t get around those trucks or see what they see but they are able to keep the traffic moving until we have passed the place where the issue is. That is how God does with us.

We are positioned on earth, but we cannot see all the things ahead of us we cannot even detect how living off our own power, apart from the Vine has drained and depleted us and that we need to be refreshed, so God in his wisdom, leads us to refreshment.

God is generous toward us and always perfectly in tune with our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. He knows when we are becoming weary to the point of wanting to give up or even becoming self and other destructive. God knows when we are driving I the wrong lane and we need to get in the lane of refreshment before we collapse altogether. How does God refresh us?

David writes the law of the Lord refreshes our soul (Psalm 9:7), and God sends abundant showers that refresh the weary (Ps. 68:9), and the blessings of God refresh us (Ps. 92:10). God knows exactly how and when to refresh our weary soul. God will refresh us in whatever way he sees we need it.  

Thank you, Father, for being so gracious and patient with me and for this powerful promise to refresh my weary soul. Amen

Ask Yourself

Am I able to detect when my soul needs to be refreshed? Do I trust in and believe God’s promise to refresh me? Do I resist the refreshment God is trying to lead me to or in? How can I be more open and responsive to the refreshment God brings or leads me to?  

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