Day 76: March 17, 2023

Confidence in Being Tested

Key Verse to Read and Treasure:

“But he knows where I am going when he tests me, I will come out as pure as gold.” (Job 23:10)

For Insight

Test Anxiety is a combination of physical symptoms and emotional reactions that interfere with one’s ability to perform well on tests. Test anxiety is real and for some it can be so intense they are not able to pass their tests and score poorly on an exam. Before and during tests they may experience physical reactions such as sweating and rapid heartbeat. They may experience a myriad of emotions and cognitive symptoms where they cannot recall the material they have studied, or things appear out of place.

In life, we’ll go through many tests: academically, medical, relational, tests for promotions on the job and even spiritually.

Decades ago test anxiety was not widely known or understood and those who suffered with it were often told it was psychological or all in their head. Thank God they continued research in this area so now test anxiety can be properly diagnosed and treated.

Although we might feel threatened and uneasy about taking tests, tests are nothing more than measurements to help us identify our strengths and weaknesses in an area. They can be helpful to help us identify what we need to work on further and what we have conquered.

The devil tempts us to defeat and cause us to fail, but God tests us to prove our faith that we will come forth as pure gold as Job put it. God tests us to grow, mature, and refine us much like gold and silver are put in a refining fire for the dross (garbage, waste, scum, useless junk) to fall away.      

Going through the tests God sends will refine our faith let the dross of our heart fall away so what is pure is left behind.

God has no use for fake-gold Christians. Those who only talk Christ but in the heat of sickness, financial trouble, trials, crises, challenges, and trouble have no real and firm faith in God. God knows we can’t build an authentic testimony on what’s only surface or fake. God sees what we lack in faith integrity and will test us in the heat of life’s trials, so our faith becomes true and comes out as pure as gold. So, our kindness, patience, peace is not surface only but soul-deep and real.  

Time spent in and with Jesus prepare us for the tests God sends. When we abide in Jesus, we have no need to fear being tested, no need to experience test anxiety. We have the Vine to support us and feed into us and the Spirit to fill us. Abiding in Jesus we can pass the tests God sends.

Father, no tests seem pleasant to take but we don’t have to have anxiety when we are studied up and when undergoing a spiritual test we have no need to be afraid when we are prayed up and have been abiding in Jesus. Thank you for testing us and helping us see where our faith is solid and when it needs work. Amen

For Application

How has God tested you in your life’s journey? Have you passed the tests God sends your way? Is your faith increasing as you abide in Jesus?    

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