Day 75: March 16, 2023

Come Closer 

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved. John 13:23, NKJV)

For Insight

After the death of my mother some of the things I have missed most about her have been the sound of her laugh and hearing her call my name, the softness of her skin, the smell of her perfume, and the comfort of being near her. She was a hugger and loved wrapping her daughters in her warm embrace. We never got too old for her to snuggle with us. After I married and had children, she loved snuggling with them also. During an especially difficult time of missing her one of the gifts God allowed was a visit from her where I got to sit next to her, lay my head on her bosom and feel the softness of her skin. It was brief but it was enough to comfort and bring me peace.    

John loved hanging out with Jesus. If Jesus was in the same room or space you can bet John was going to find his way to where Jesus was. John didn’t want to just be in the same room he wanted to be as close to Jesus as humanly possible. I love this passage where John (so humbly) talks about laying his head on Jesus’ chest. Like a baby that finds comfort and peace listening to his or her mother’s heartbeat John must have experienced that being close to Jesus. John loved to do what we are instructed to do today. John was abiding in Jesus.

We don’t have Jesus in the flesh to draw close to or lay our head upon his bosom, but when we open his word, when we enter into prayer, when we spend time in worship, when we sit in quiet with him, when we receive his Body and Blood at the Lord’s Supper, when we fast, when we  continue to think about or meditate upon his word after we have read or heard it, we are abiding with him. we are soaking in his warmth and countenance. We are loving him and he is loving us.

When the seating arrangements were given John must have requested the one nearest Jesus, his teacher and friend. Next to the One he found comfort and peace with. Being down at the opposite end was not enough for him. John found the nearness of Jesus comforting and we can experience the same comfort and peace when we abide in Jesus also.

Jesus invites us to come closer. Do not be satisfied with sitting across or far from him. Do not be satisfied to stay at a distance but come close and soak him in. Come close and enjoy him. Come close to hear his heartbeat and feel the softness of his touch. Come close and draw from his light and love. Come close so we can no longer determined where we end and he begins.

Jesus, I receive so much when I am close to you. Thank you for drawing close to me when I draw close to you. Amen

For Application

What is your favorite way to abide in Jesus? How will you abide in Jesus today?

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