Day 63: March 4, 2023

Beware of the Little Foxes

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

Catch the little foxes for us, the little foxes that spoil the vineyards, for our vineyards are in blossom. (Song of Solomon 2:15, ESV)

For Insight

As we abide in Jesus, we will notice spiritual growth and maturity. We’ll notice how we are happy to be in the Lord and that the rewards are numerous as we abide. We might feel an overwhelming sense of joy and happiness in our spirit. Finally, we have that longed for peace and contentment. We have a new strength and confidence in every area of life. Our thought-life is in order and the darkness that once controlled us is no longer an issue. We feel strong to resist temptation and so proud of ourselves when we do.

However, we shouldn’t fool ourselves to think the devil is defeated or that he simply has given up on dominating our thoughts, influencing our heart or attitude. We shouldn’t fool ourselves to think we are fine to be outside of the abiding relationship.

On the contrary, the devil is only becoming cleverer and more conniving, more subtle and a true chameleon. He knows we are now more spiritually discerning, no longer oblivious, or unaware of his tactics. He sees that we are not stupid and it’s harder for him to get us to blatantly sin, so he gets smarter, he resorts to using tactics to lure us away. He is a true fox, always looking for a way to get around or through the wall of abiding, always looking for ways to lure us outside of the protective wall God has provided for us through Jesus Christ. We cannot let our guard down for one minute and we cannot go outside our protection of the abiding relationship with Christ for one second.

Solomon said watch out for the little foxes that come to ruin the vineyard. Foxes are a real threat to the vineyard because they will eat the grapes and dig at the root. They are destructive devourers. One way the vinedresser used to keep the foxes out was to build a wall, so the foxes didn’t have access to the grapes. The believer’s wall is Jesus Christ. It’s only when we abide in him that we have protection from the enemy who seeks to devour the fruit of abiding.    

The devil needs us to be on the other side of the wall of abiding. He needs us to be spiritually uncovered and unprotected. He needs us to think we can make it on our own or have our own righteousness without Christ. He needs us to feel we have enough Christian spirituality built up, enough Bible study and prayer under our belt, enough worship to hold us, and powerful enough to branch out on our own. He needs us to be in denial that we need the grace of God, the protection of God, the safety of abiding to stay full of the fruit which comes through abiding.

Now we can see why Paul wrote it only takes a little yeast to ruin an entire batch of dough (Read Galatians 5:9) or how one piece of false teaching could mislead the whole group into darkness (Read Romans 16:17-20). Once we are abiding, we must remain right there. We must cling to the Lord, drink from the living waters, be nourished from the Vine in order to remain productive, holy, and righteous. We can never fool ourselves to think we are fine to be on our own. That is like saying to Jesus, “thanks for all your work on the cross, I can take it from here!”

Stay in the Vine so you are safe from the little foxes that come to devour all the good work Jesus has done and continues to do in you.

Jesus, the devil tempts me to come apart from you. He wants me outside of you and no longer abiding. The world tries to convince me it has something better to offer than what I find in you. I reject both of these but I will remain in you so the little foxes cannot get to me. Amen

For Application

The devil would love to lure you away from your abiding relationship with Jesus how are you abiding with Jesus?

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