Day 62: March 3, 2023


Key Verse to Read and Treasure

For “In him we live and move and have our being’; as even some of your own poets have said, “For we are indeed his offspring.’ (Acts 17:28, ESV)

 For Insight

Yashab is Hebrew for abiding. Yashab means to dwell, to sit, to remain dwelling.

I was filling out paperwork so we could receive city services. One of the questions was “Is this your primary residence?” Another asked, “Do you reside at this address more than six months out of the year?” The answer to both was yes.

Our physical home is the place we abide. Though some can have a summer home and winter home, our home in Ohio is the place where we remain year-round. The place where our possessions and belongings have a place to be as long as we are here. But we also have another dwelling place, a spiritual dwelling place and that is in Jesus Christ and even though we dwell on earth we already have an eternal home with him.

As Christians, when we yashab in Jesus we rest everything in him, and we find all we need in him. Jesus becomes the place we rest our desire to prove our righteousness, the place we rest our future, our past, our sinfulness, our troubled thoughts, our worry, confusion, and stress.

In Jesus we have found a place to put our faith and hopes. A place for our trust, strength, and wisdom. We look to him for our help and guidance. We depend upon him for everything. We are not part-time inhabitants; only resting or remaining in him sometimes, but always. We are not going between Jesus and worldly or secular beliefs and philosophies but fully dwelling in him.

Just like the city services we are entitled to because we reside at our Ohio address full time, the Christian also has benefits and blessings which come through abiding in Christ. They are no small number of blessings. The more we learn what those are the more we can take full advantage of them. They are ours for the asking and claiming.

Jesus I yashab in you. Thank you for all the blessings that come from an abiding relationship! Amen   

For Application

Make it a point to research all the things you are entitled to because you abide in Christ fully.

For Lenten Devotions visit:

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