Day 20: January 20, 2023

The Peace that Passes all Understanding

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

And the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus—Philippians 4:7

For Insight

Peace for many is circumstantial and situational: if everything is going well, they have peace. They understand why they are at peace: their bills are paid. Their children are behaving well. Their marriage is good. Their job is going well. Their retirement is going as planned. Their bodies feel good. Their finances are stable.

But the peace of God is transcendent, going beyond our understanding and circumstances. It’s only God’s abiding presence that allows us to possess peace when nothing seems to be going right. When our health isn’t good, when we’re facing foreclosure, when we’ve lost our job, when our car is broken down, when we’ve lost everything in a flood or fire, when the bank account is at negative but there are still bills to be paid. Who, but the child of God trusting solely in God could have peace during these times?

Entering the place where his disciples were, Jesus breathed his peace on them (John 20:22). They had been traumatized, were grieving, fearful for their own safety, wellbeing and future, and Jesus needed them to have the peace that was not situational or circumstantial, but regardless peace. They needed the same peace we need today for the things we need to accomplish in Jesus’ name on our journey. They needed and we need to know and experience Christ’s transcendent peace.

A believer’s peace does not rely upon circumstances or if everything is perfectly aligned but rests in the love of God—the peace that comes from the Holy Spirit living within, the peace Jesus breathes unto their spirit each time they go into prayer. It is not peace as the world gives, but peace that surpasses all human understanding and comprehension. God’s peace makes the believer an enigma to the world but victorious over the troubles of this life.  

Let me peace be more than circumstantial, Lord, but let it transcend all that is taking place in my life. Amen


On a scale of 1-10 regardless of your circumstances, is your peace a garden or desert? Where are your eyes fixed?

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