Day 16: January 16, 2023

Striving for Peace with Everyone

Key Verse to Read and Treasure:

Work on living in peace with everyone, and work at living a holy life, for those who are not holy will not see the Lord—Hebrews 12:14 (NLT)

For Insight

Driving down the street my husband and I spotted political banners with vulgarities. It both saddened and angered us. I found myself feeling pity for their neighbors who, perhaps didn’t hold the same political views. It was a reminder each one of us must do our share at keeping peace with others.

Are you doing your part to live in peace with others? Or are you a promoter of hatred and discord? Are you trying to live in peace with others? Not just fellow believers and people who hold the same values as you, people who look, talk, and act like you, but all people? Are you someone who tries to reach across racial, political, religious, age, sex, and cultural divides to accomplish peace with others?  

Today is a good day to remember Dr. King and others who made it their life’s work to fight for equal rights, civil rights, and justice, and wanting human rights to come about in a peaceful way. It’s a good day to remember striving for peace takes dedication, commitment, perseverance and sometimes more resembles war than peace. Still, we cannot give up, and even if all around us is the opposite of peace we are to maintain peace as the valued principle we live by.

Paul writes we are to work hard at living in peace because living in peace is the lifestyle that is reflective of Christ’s values and the only way the children of God are to live. A peaceful life is a holy life, and a holy life cannot be void of peace.

Striving for peace with everyone we can also realize, just as Jesus did, peace with everyone won’t be achieved all we can do it our part, and our part of bringing peace is the only part God is concerned about.

Jesus, you know personally the challenges that come with trying to live in peace with everyone. All we can do is our part so help us to do our part well and thereby please you and the Father. Amen

On a Scale of 1-10

Are you doing your part, making every effort to live at peace with everyone?

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