November 23, 2022

God Specializes in the Impossible

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”—Matthew 19:26 (ESV)

For Insight

As a writer I specialize in writing devotions for the Christian Community. As a Mental Health Coach, I specialize in anxiety and depression, and in counseling I specialize in grief and counseling Women, children, and youth. Specializing helps me focus and being more effective and impactful in the lives of others. God also specializes. God can do anything and everything; there is nothing he cannot do but he specializes in doing the impossible.     

This is a powerful and comforting promise. Is there anything more comforting or reassuring than knowing there will never be anything too difficult or complicated for God to handle and work out? Knowing we can never present a problem or situation too complex for God to solve. There will never be a matter too deep that he can’t counsel and give wisdom. No illness too severe he can’t heal. When our circumstances feel extraordinary—and not in a good way—and our obstacles are higher than our head we don’t need to become discouraged or give up, only know God is able and nothing is ever impossible for him and that concerns matters of the here and now and for our eternal salvation.

Life Lesson

Whatever your “impossible” is God can fix it, heal it, accomplish, and restore it. Nothing is too big, too deep, too broad, too exceptional, or too extenuating for God to handle, address, fix, solve or heal.    

God, so many need to hear this word from you today! Thank you for being our mighty God that can accomplish all things, including working miracles in our impossible situations. Amen

Digging Deeper

Read Hebrews 6:18

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