November 11, 2022

Don’t Let Storms Turn Deter You

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

Suddenly, a fierce storm struck the lake, with waves breaking into the boat—Matthew 8:24

For Insight

Jesus had already worked all day, healing many. By the time he and the disciples climbed into the boat he was drained. Naturally he took a nap as the disciples rowed across the lake. The lake was calm but suddenly a storm arose. We are reminded the storm must have been unusually heavy because even the disciples—most of whom who were fishermen and used to severe storms—were frightened. It was not the strong winds or large waves that threatened to flood the boat that woke Jesus but the cries of his disciples.

Environmental storms aren’t the only storms that can rattle and scare us. Storms that arise in our lives can do the same thing. A storm attacking our health, undergoing a storm in a meaningful relationship or in our marriage, a storm that enters in during parenting, storms attached to our academic pursuits, in our finances, our ministry or career can shake us up. Sometimes a life-storm can upset our circumstances can frighten and shake us so badly we think we can’t go on.  We might even consider turning in another direction; anything to escape or quiet the storm we’re in.

Turning back or abandoning his plans weren’t an option for Jesus. He had to keep moving forward, doing what the Father had sent him to do. There was work to be done. People to heal. A message to spread. Victories to experience and liberation to be secured. Jesus spoke to the storm, and it obeyed. Just as he does for us.

Like Jesus and like the disciples we will encounter storms, we will experience suffering, but Jesus stands and speaks to our storms the very same way because we also have victories to experience, liberation and freedom to secure, transformations and healings to rejoice in. We can trust Jesus to fill us with strength and to remind us of when we feel overcome, not to fear he’s in the boat of life with us.  

Life Lesson

Identify the nature of the storm. Be suspicious. Did the storm come up suddenly?  Were/are you trying to accomplish something God has directed you to? Is the storm out of place in the line of events? Is the storm unnatural for the time and place in your journey? Is the storm powerful enough to make you think twice about going forward? Jesus spoke to the storm and hushed it. Satan was not successful in keeping Jesus from healing the two demoniacs. He does not have to be successful over your mission either if you call on Jesus in in the power of Jesus tell the storm to be still and set your face to move forward.     


Jesus, make us confident that you are in our life-boat, with us today just as you were with the disciples then. When life-storms threaten and make us want to turn back, turn around or flee help us to stand firm in you and trust you to be with us all the way through. Amen   

Digging Deeper

Read Mark 4:35-41

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