November 9, 2022

Suffering and Trials Can Cause Forgetfulness

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

When the Father sends the Advocate as my representative—that is, the Holy Spirit—he will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I have told you—John 14:26 (NLT)

For Insight

It was a balmy day for the month of November. Chilly indoors but warm outside especially in the sun. I could not find that “just right” combination and had changed my jacket several times until I saw my husband in his fleece vest. Then I remembered mine. I had packed it away for the summer months but now was the perfect time to bring it back out. I did. And it worked perfectly.

Forgetfulness can be part of what we experience during suffering. The things we have known about God—but like my fleece vest—have mentally packed away because we didn’t need to remember or draw from them at that particular time.

During suffering or any hardship we can easily forget how God has delivered us in the past, how he has a plan for our life, how he always shows up right on time, how much he loves us, how he provides for us, heals, and cares for us as only a loving Father could. 

The promises of God, especially those reminding us of God’s presence, power, protection, peace, strength, and deliverance are excellent resources that are already in our arsenal and can help us endure and persevere through our time of suffering. They help us wait patiently on God and remain hopeful. They are an anchor for our soul and bring peace and confidence to our spirit.

Life Lesson

God is a mighty God providing on time and ahead of time. The things we have committed to memory about God are always with us. Sometimes we just need a little mental jostling from the Holy Spirit to remember we have a plentiful supply to draw from.


I’m only human, Lord, prone to forget things, including your great and powerful promises spoken and written just for me. When I am suffering and forgetting what is most important, please send your representative—the Holy Spirit—to help bring to mind all I should be remembering so I can make it through my time of suffering spiritually intact. Amen    

Digging Deeper     

Read Psalm 111:1-10

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