October 31, 2022

Treasured Season of Peace!

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

And a time for peace (Ecclesiastes 3:8, ESV)

For Insight

When wars were ended, I had family members who returned home. Thankful to be alive and full of stories to share. Mostly I can remember them telling us we didn’t know how blessed we were to live in a place where we didn’t have to worry about being bombed or shot at; never knowing if today would be our last day alive. As I look back on those days and relatives, I am aware that each one suffered, not only with PTSD, but health wise.

War Veterans are not the only ones who appreciate peacetime. In marriage, after times and seasons of being at war with one another a time of peace is welcomed and appreciated. Following times and seasons of sickness when the body has returned to health, a season of peace with the body is welcomed. In this life after we have endured sorrows, deaths, battles, and wars, seasons of peace are welcomed and relished.

It’s no coincidence that Solomon saved peace for last. No coincidence he highlights one of the most requested prayers and desired states of every generation. Believer and nonbeliever often ask for peace as a prayer request. Whether we have enjoyed lengthy spans of peace or only snippets of peace when we belong to the Lord, Jesus will accompany us for that final leg of the journey, escorting us home where there will be lasting peace. Peace at the end, peace to begin and peace for all eternity. The peace we have in heaven will make all the seasons of war and tearing during our lifetime worth enduring. Peace won’t just be an internal feeling in our heart or countenance but will be an outer, external state as well. The peace of God will be the peace of all and everywhere.    

Check Yourself

What’s your number one prayer request? Are you experiencing a season of peace currently? Are you a conduit of peace?

Praying Ecclesiastes 3:8

Dear God, thank you for every season we experience on this earthly journey. We will experience the good and the bad, the bitter and the sweet. We are especially grateful that you plan seasons and times of peace after seasons and times of turmoil, chaos, ripping, and tearing. Our God is good all the time. Amen   

Digging Deeper

Read John 20:19-21

Read Ephesians 2:14

Read Philippians 4:7

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