October 24, 2022

Sew Something Beautiful

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

And a time to sew (Ecclesiastes 3:7, ESV)

For Insight

I’ve had many seasons of sewing. When our children were growing up I sewed the majority of their clothes. I loved sitting at the sewing machine whipping up something special for them. Sometimes, even now, they will reminisce about an outfit they especially loved and treasured. I’ve had the pleasure of sewing our oldest daughter’s wedding gown, sewing baptismal gowns for grandchildren, and making my husbands robes and to wear for worship. My sewing basket does not stay as full these days, but occasionally I still need to make time for sewing even if it’s only for mending.

There is another kind of sewing in life also. The sewing that comes after a time of silence or even after tearing. It is the sewing of encouraging and affirming words over others and ourselves. The sewing of good thoughts. The sewing of words that bring healing to others and ourselves as well. Just like the careful stitches a seamstress makes to create a superb garment, our words can be carefully stitched into the fiber of the heart or mind to bring healing, comfort, and encouragement.

The apostle James reminded us of the power of the tongue. He said although it’s a little member of the body, it is also a powerful instrument able to start fires and difficult to tame. James word’s remind us we need to be more careful about letting our tongue loose or control us. Maybe that’s why Paul reminds us we have been given a spirit or disposition of self-control also.

Like so many other seasons we experience, tearing, and sewing are not opposites but counterparts. Compadres. Needed and useful seasons to help us grow, mature, experience a full and abundant life and become better people, reflecting the Creator’s design, and helping to fulfill all we are meant to be.       

Check Yourself

Are you using your words to sew encouragement or bring healing to others?

Praying Ecclesiastes 3:7

Holy Spirit, my tongue will not start fires but be an instrument to sew good. When it is time to sew help me to sew and sew excellently. Let my words reflect the goodness and beauty of the Father. Let them reflect all the good that has been sewn into me and let them encourage others on their journey. Amen   

Digging Deeper

Read 2 Corinthians 13:10

Read James 3:5-12

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