October 22, 2022

Sometimes God Tears!

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

A time to tear (Ecclesiastes 3:7)

For Insight

One essential tool in my sewing box has been my seam ripper. It’s that tiny tool, with a sharpened tip that fits comfortably in the hand and allows for ripping something apart without tearing up the entire garment. A seam ripper helps me be very precise. It’s been an invaluable tool I have used more times than I can count. It has been a great help in sewing but I have found it useful in other areas also: releasing stitches or taking things apart that are close together. What the scalpel is to the surgeon the seam ripper is to the seamstress.

Solomon writes there is a time to undo what has been done. A time for tearing also has a place in human experience. Tearing more than garments but sometimes a tearing of the soul to promote humility, or a certain mindset that has not been the work of God. Sometimes the devil has planted seeds purposed for destruction in our heart and mind that need to be torn out. We might have entertained negativity or be someone who has lived fearful or with low self-worth. In the Old Testament Books we can see that sometimes treaties and agreements between countries had been struck, but there came a time they had to be torn apart; they were no longer in effect or purposed by God.  

Everything God does endures forever, yet, what is established by human hands and thoughts will last only for a period, only for an appointed time. That means even what the devil has planted or sewn has a time it will be torn out or away. Tearing is also a God ordained, God purposed activity that we do not have to fear or dread. When God tears or instructs us to tear it is because he has a blessing to put in its place.     

Check Yourself

How have you experienced God’s “tearing” in a good way? Where have you been afraid of God’s tearing?

Praying Ecclesiastes 3:7

Dearest Heavenly Father, in times or seasons of tearing we are reminded what it means to fear and love God. You are mighty, powerful, and sovereign and when you investigate our lives you determine where there needs to be tearing, when something needs to be torn away. Help us to trust your judgment and respect your wisdom and discernment. Let us be hopeful that in dues season you will sew also. Amen     

Digging Deeper

Read Jeremiah 18:5-11

Read Luke 12:18

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