October 18, 2022

It’s Okay to Lose or Let Go of Something

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

And a Time to Lose (Ecclesiastes 3:6, ESV)

For Insight

I’ve known several people who have shut down their social media platforms. The most common reason has been they didn’t have the kind of time it takes to monitor, update, and keep up with everything those platforms can require. Some have said they just tired of or became overwhelmed by the amount of information coming at them and a couple of people have said they were just tired of being on and the way it ate up their free time. One said although she struggled at first to make the decision, wondering if she would be missing out with friends, being up to date on special events in the lives of others but once she made her decision, she felt good about it. All of them felt good about the step they took. Felt freer, unburdened, and didn’t regret their decision.  

It’s okay when we give ourselves room to grow, expand, evolve, or change our pursuits and the way we spend our time, including things like closing social media accounts. When we make those kinds of decisions and steps, we are saying we want more control over our lives, want to be the manager and not have things or activities manage us. We are not telling others we don’t want to be part of their lives or enjoy relationships but simply want to do it in another way.  

Jesus came to seek and save the lost which included spiritual healing. Many experienced physical, emotional, and mental healing as well, but Jesus was careful to guard his purpose and careful not to get bogged down with things that were unrelated to his purpose and had potential to eat up his time or get in the way of what the Father had sent him to accomplish.

We will experience seasons of seeking but we will also have times and seasons where there is loss or voluntarily letting go of something. Not all loss or letting go is a bad or negative thing. Sometimes we must lose or let go of something to gain something of greater value.

Check Yourself

What have you lost or let go of that has made a change in your life for the positive? Can you relate to what the Apostle Paul said, “But whatever gain I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ (Php. 3:7)?

Praying Ecclesiastes 3:6

Lord, so often we equate loss or letting go of something as a negative thing. Just like seeking is good, sometimes losing or letting go can be good and rewarding also. Amen

Digging Deeper

Read Philippians 3:7-16

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