October 14, 2022

Embracing is the Way to Abundant Life

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

A time to embrace (Ecclesiastes 3:5, ESV)

For Insight

Think of the things, people, and places you have embraced over your lifetime. What comes to mind? People? Being in a certain place and circumstances? When I think about the people I’ve embraced, I think of those whom I enjoy deep and lasting friendships with, and I’m reminded how my life has been fuller, richer because of their presence. Linda started out being my editor for a set of booklets. She and I were able to work together on several projects over the years, but that relationship quickly developed into a friendship that still exists today. We live in different states but have kept up with one another, enjoying lengthy conversations dotted with laughter but also, at times, sharing disappointments, pain, and loss. Because we embraced one another we have also been blessed through one another.    

When we embrace something or someone, we do more than tolerate or put up with it, we make a place for it in our lives or environment. We open our arms and heart to it. We bring it close, cherish, and love it. What we embrace becomes a part of us. Can you see how embracing is a vital part of the marriage relationship? What happens—or doesn’t happen when a husband does not embrace his wife, or vice versa? Or how embracing a vital part of the relationship God has with us? Even though we are sinful people, because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary on our behalf, God embraces us, pulls us close, cherishes, and loves us.   

Sometimes embracing are about more than things or people. It can also be about causes that are near and dear to our heart: cancer survivors, rescuing animals, feeding the hungry, sick children, homeless teens, orphans, human rights, etc. When we embrace causes, we invest in them, give our time and energy, and sometimes money to them.

We can also embrace life. When we embrace life, we experience fullness. We become true to ourselves and vow to live with authenticity. We make peace with the path chosen for us by God. Even if it is a path marked by pain and tragedy. Still, we find peace with it because we accept it as God’s plan for us. We could choose to stay unattached and distanced from people and things, but we would miss the abundance marked out for us. If we want to live fully and abundantly embracing is the only way to travel through life.     

Check Yourself

How are you doing with embracing the bitter and the sweet?

Praying Ecclesiastes 3:5

Jesus, help me to embrace this life God has laid out for me. Amen   

Digging Deeper

Read Psalm 16:1-11

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