October 5, 2022

Time to Build!

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

And a time to build (Ecclesiastes 3:3, ESV)

For Insight

Driving through our neighborhood we noticed work being done on one home. Someone was busy flipping it. Some days we could see them tearing down parts of the outside. Later we watched as they began the rebuilding process. By the time they were finished we were thoroughly impressed. The house had been totally transformed. No longer run down or an eyesore, but standing tall, bright, welcoming. We applauded the day we drove by and saw them place a for sale sign in the front yard. We also noticed how they had started work on the house next to it.

After the world, the devil and even our own mindset and thoughts have been ripped apart and torn down it is time to rebuild, to build something new and fabulous. I love Paul’s word in 2 Corinthians when he wrote “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he (she) is a new creation. The old has passed away, the new has come.” After the tearing down God enters in to build us up, to restore and recreate us.

God is constantly at work in our being, speaking to our minds, touching our heart, undoing, and demolishing what Satan has sown into us. God is determined to have the last word, the last touch that will build us back up.   

I often counsel women whose sense of value, self-worth, security, and innocence have been violently ripped away by sexual assault and sexual molestation. They are those who need to experience God’s gracious rebuilding. Some people have been torn down by vicious verbal attacks on their character, criticized and ridiculed to the point they don’t even trust their own God-given instincts and wisdom. God will and wants to come into these broken, empty, hurting situations and lives to build something new. God tears down pride, haughtiness, hardened hearts to make us better; his tearing down is always for good and glorious purposes, but the enemy comes to tear down what is good and godly to destroy and kill us. What the devil, demons and agents of darkness tear down God comes to build and rebuild something beautiful and amazing.

When you have been torn down and ripped apart don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. Turn to God. Trust in God. Let God in. He’s coming to rebuild and make new.

Check Yourself:

Have you experienced times and seasons of tearing, and not in a good way? How are you doing? Don’t forget to invite God in and let him do some powerful rebuilding.

Praying Ecclesiastes 3:3

Jesus, what a mighty and gracious God you are that you are willing to enter our broken, hurting lives and emotions after we have been torn apart and work wonders in us. we praise and thank you for your loving care and attentiveness. You know exactly what we need and never fail us. Amen  

Digging Deeper

Read Isaiah 43:18-19

Read 2 Corinthians 5:11-21

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