September 30, 2022

It’s What the Enemy Does!

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

A Time to kill (Ecclesiastes 3:3, ESV)

For Insight

We’ve considered how God has ordained kings to war, how God himself kills for righteousness’s sake anything that is evil and that would destroy our future in heaven. Let’s also consider the work and activity of Satan throughout the universe, upon this earth, in the Church, and in the lives of individuals. Setting out, not only to steal from us, not only to be a destroyer of our wellbeing, our earthly possessions, our relationships, but he comes also to kill. Just as Jesus said in John 10:10. Satan’s agenda and goals never shift from one thing to another. He is not like us going from one focus to the next. But he is steadfast in his goals in human life and the earthly Church. Though he will release his fiery darts into our lives, sometimes in multiples, he never loses sight of what he wants most: our faith in God, our very life.

Jesus comes in to bring life, and, as he said, so we can experience it to its fullest, abundant life. The enemy comes that he may bring death and he will use every tool and resource at his disposal to accomplish this. He enters in early and returns again and again during our lifetime. He is not a “one and done” enemy, but from the day we are born until the day we are either safe in heaven with God where he cannot touch us or sentenced to eternity in the bowels of hell where he has full mastery over us. He does not stop.

He is an innocence stealer, but through sexual molestations, violent assaults, physical and other abuses he is also joy killer. He uses the events and incidents of life to kill our dreams, our hopes, our opportunities for advancement, our marriage and relationships. He will put the death nail in our plans for the future.  

We are never to take him lightly; never to dismiss as though he is insignificant, never to foolishly think he has no power to do exactly what he wants to do. And we should never think we are too important for God to allow Satan space to make us suffer for a time if it works the purposes of God in our life and to draw us closer to God.  

To be aware of Satan’s capabilities and ultimate goals to kill is of utmost importance. Jesus told his disciples to be aware and stay prayerful. Peter aid we should learn to be sober. Sober, meaning stay aware, discerning, and sensing our enemy’s activities all around and in our lives.

I saw a movie not long ago where the main character became aware there was a hit on his life. Overnight his life went from carefree to constant mindfulness of his stalking enemy. Suddenly he was aware around every corner his assassin could be lurking, ready to take him out. In the end he survived but he had to learn to pay attention, keep his eyes open and be ready for the attack. No day could find him sleep-walking or unaware.

We are called to be aware also. Satan has a hit on our souls, and he employs demons and devils to make his purposes happen. He doesn’t just want to steal something from us, he wants to kill everything we have, he wants to kill us in every sense if he is able: our future, our hopes and dreams, our health, our marriages and relationships, our finances, everything about us and our life are on his radar. Only our God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and his angels assigned to us can keep us safe and alive. As long as we stay under his wing and in his care, we are safe. We pray, just as David did, “My life is in your hands, O LORD.”

Check Yourself:

Do you take Jesus’ warning in John 10:10 seriously? If, so, how have you upped your awareness and become more aware and prayerful as a part of what you do on a daily basis?

Praying Ecclesiastes 3:3

God, our heavenly Father, and Guardian, you created us for life. We have an enemy who wants to kill steal and destroy us. we will not cower or live in constant fear of him, but we will learn to be aware, to be discerning, and to take his threat seriously. Amen

Digging Deeper

Read Job 1:1-22

Read Job 2:1-10

Read John 10:10

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