September 23, 2022

God Gives Wisdom without Measure

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

And I applied my heart to seek and to search out by wisdom all that is done under heaven. (Ecclesiastes 1:13, ESV)

For Insight

In I Kings we see Solomon making a sacrifice to God. Later, God visited him in a dream and asked him what he would like. Solomon asked God for wisdom. He was going to be king, taking over for his father David. Out of all the things Solomon could have asked God for, he chose wisdom. He wanted to be a great king and he knew he could not do it without wisdom.

The apostle James writes that if we need wisdom for anything we should ask God and he will give it without being critical or chastising us. He will not only give us wisdom but will give it generously.

When I was growing up, I would often hear my grandmother pray when the lights were out. I could hear her asking God for wisdom. Especially during the time my grandfather was ill. I could hear her asking for wisdom concerning his health and what they should do; how she could help him. He did not recover and after his death I could hear her prayers for wisdom turn to making good decisions as a widow. Her night prayers were as raw as her grief, and she did not mind being vulnerable.

Her prayers for wisdom made an imprint on me. Today I ask God for wisdom also. Not a day goes by without me asking God for wisdom. Wisdom to conduct ordinary transactions or matters of life, wisdom to understand something concerning technology, wisdom to write, counsel or teach, wisdom to balance our family budget, wisdom to pray and understand God’s Word, wisdom to assist my husband or grandchildren with something. God never turns me away or tells me he just gave me wisdom thirty minutes ago, or yesterday, but each time I ask he shows me or whispers to me, reveals the way for me to go. God’s wisdom is never withheld from me.

There’s no shame in admitting to needing God’s wisdom. Think of the ways and areas you could use wisdom now: in relationships, in your finances, in your studies, in your career, raising children, choosing a path, for your health or a million other ways an areas.

God’ storehouse of wisdom is never closed. It operates 24/7, 365/66. Every minute of the day. God will never reject your request for wisdom or laugh at you. He has a room of wisdom with your name on it and it is never low or near empty. He is willing to fill you with wisdom and send wisdom to be your companion.

Solomon is a great example of what life can be when we are willing to ask God for the thing that matters most in this life. Not material possessions, friends, popularity, outer beauty, wealth, prestige, or a high-paying job. While a good and godly spouse is desired, it should not even be the most cherished or sought-after blessing. If you have the wisdom of God, you have everything you need to enjoy a good and satisfying life.

Check Yourself:

What could you use God’s wisdom for, now? Have you ever intentionally not prayed for wisdom or regretted not praying for wisdom before making a decision or going ahead with something? How has the forgiveness and grace of God visited you after?   

Praying Ecclesiastes

Heavenly Father, I just have a simple request: send me heavenly wisdom. Let me have and enjoy godly wisdom my entire life. Amen

Digging Deeper

Read I Kings 3:1-15

Read I Kings 4:20-34

Read James 1:5

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