September 10, 2022

That’ll Preach!

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

The words of the Preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem (Ecclesiastes 1:1, ESV)

For Insight

Occasionally my husband and I will reflect on those we have been blessed by through their preaching. It brings joy to our hearts and always a smile to our faces when we think how they helped strengthen and increase our faith through with a strong word from the Lord. Now our children have memories of their own centered on the preaching of their father. At times, when my husband has preached before an audience, giving a message to fit certain occasions he has been addressed as “Preacher” and rightly so.

Solomon wasn’t called preacher in the traditional sense that we may think of it in our day and age. As someone who ascends the pulpit or takes the podium to deliver a message. But because of the outpouring of his wisdom which he shared through his verdicts on cases coming before him, and from the throne. He was, without question, the wisest man ever to live—outside of Christ Jesus.  

The apostles Paul and Peter must have been some kind of awesome preachers. Able to bring a dynamic message that kept people engaged and returning for more. All you have to do is read their letters to the churches and know how powerfully they handled the Word of God. Definitely Christ, who peached before thousands, able to draw massive crowds and keep people engaged even when their stomachs were empty and growling. It is said that in the last years of his life, the Apostle John’s preached a brief but powerful sermon. Always centered on love. Short and sweet but impactful and unforgettable.

Have you thought of yourself as a preacher? Maybe not to the ranks of a Solomon or being one who has been trained in homiletics such as those who have studied and are ordained, but at least one who has a good Word about Christ to tell others? How well do you preach? You don’t need a pulpit, podium, or large crowd to present your message. It’s your wisdom that will preach, your love that will preach, your patience, kindness, compassion, gentleness, your self-control, and definitely your sweet spirit that will preach a strong message. With all the fruit the Holy Spirit has sown into you, you must have some pretty dynamic sermons all waiting for a chance to be preached.  

Praying Ecclesiastes 1:1

Jesus Christ we humbly bow before You, the greatest Preacher who ever lived and walked this earth. Thank You, for through the Word You still preach messages that touch our heart and soul and transform our lives. Though we will never come anywhere close to You, let us along with Your called and ordained servants, learn to preach a good word that this world needs to hear. Amen   


Is your life, temperament, and Christian values preaching a good word?

Digging Deeper  

Matthew 5:1-7:27

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