September 7, 2022

God Loves You, Even on Your Clumsy Days

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

For he knows our frame; he remembers we are dust…But the steadfast love of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting (Psalm 103:14,17, ESV)

For Insight

I was having a clumsy morning. Spilling sugar, dropping an egg, turning things over. My awkwardness in the place I spend a great deal of time each day struck me as odd, so I paused to pray. I didn’t want my clumsiness to follow me into the day and impact other, more critical areas.

Have you had those days where you felt a little (or a lot) clumsier than you ordinarily are? Dropping things, tripping over your own two feet? Maybe it wasn’t in the kitchen as you prepared meals, but in other areas and ways, perhaps in your workplace or conversations.

Clumsiness is not isolated to cooking or even dropping or tripping, sometimes it’s in other ways like how we talk to people or express ourselves verbally. We might have spoken or communicated something clumsily and walked away thinking, “I didn’t handle that very well.” Or “I could have handled that much better.” Just as clumsiness in the kitchen can result in making a mess the same is true about our being clumsy in communicating something to others.  We try our best to avoid these times but sometimes it can’t be helped. We are human and fallible after all.           

God knows you won’t have perfection every day. Some days you’re not going to come anywhere close to that. You’re going to be clumsy in actions and speech, you’ll drop things, spill stuff, make big messes, trip over your own two feet and words, have lots to clean up, but thankfully God’s love and approval for you is not performance based. He remains your living, loving, patient, restoring, redeeming, and gracious God 24/7, 365/66. Your clumsy days and the messes you make don’t have to be the days or times that define or redefine you. You should keep moving forward.

Even after my dropping and spilling while I prepared breakfast I didn’t stay out of the kitchen. I returned to prepare our evening meal and things went a lot smoother. I believe because I took time to pray, breathe, give myself room to be human and just a little clumsy sometimes and didn’t let a rough start shape my entire day.    

Praying Psalm 103:14, 17

Lord, thankfully Your love or approval of us is not performance based but consistent each and every day. We’ll have those days we don’t measure up to our own standards, days we make messes, trip, stumble, drop things, and do things out of character and that’s okay. As long as we know You’re not clumsy with Your love for us we are just fine. Amen  


When you are feeling a bit clumsy in any area of life pause long enough to ask God to steady you and determine to move forward.  

Digging Deeper

Read Jeremiah 31:3

Read Romans 5:8

Read I John 3:1

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