August 19, 2022

A Balance that Doesn’t Deplete

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

For all the promises of God find their Yes in him (2 Corinthians 1:20, ESV)

For Insight

While cleaning out my desk I discovered several gift cards and couldn’t remember if they were still good and had a balance. I didn’t want to get overly enthusiastic, but I was hopeful. After all it’s not my normal practice to keep an old card. Once it’s used and the balance is zero, I toss it. As I checked each one, seeing no balance I tossed them into the trash. There was one however that was still good and happily I set it aside. That one card made it feel worth it to check instead of tossing the entire pile into the trash at the onset.

Just like I rejoiced about the remaining balance on my gift card, we can rejoice and be glad about the promises of God which never have an expiration date and are not on a diminishing balance. Even if you have relied upon one just recently your balance is still at 100%! You can draw it down at any time and it’s good for the rest of your life on earth. There is no place on earth, no company that can promise those kinds of guarantees or returns. It didn’t make any sense for me to keep a gift card—no matter how pretty it is—because once the funds are depleted they are no longer any good. Even a reloadable gift card is not usable until you or someone else loads more money on it. But the promises of God are different.

Paul reminds us that it is through Christ Jesus and His work on the cross on our behalf, that the promises of God apply to us and are made good. We owe Jesus a debt of gratitude we could never even come close to repaying! It also reminds us to become more acquainted with the promises of God beginning with (Read Genesis 3:15) and continuing through the Bible. We can’t pray, live, or draw from what we don’t know has been spoken and written for us by God. God wants us to draw down or cash those promises. He spoke and wrote them so we could use them, not for them to sit idle or be merely words on paper but used again and again.

When we draw on the promises of God, we do something the enemy can never do and he loves it when we don’t know or turn to God’s promises for us. We can disappoint the forces of evil each time by claiming, leaning on and relying on those promises our Heavenly Father has provided just for us!

Praying 2 Corinthians 1:20

Heavenly Father, Mighty God so many promises you have spoken and written for us to know and draw from! Forgive us for not going to them and claiming them every day, and each time the enemy tries to defeat or overcome us. There are more promises than we could use over our lifetime and none of them have an expiration date nor diminishing balance no matter how many times we rely on them. Thank You Lord that all Your promises find their Yes in Christ Jesus and now have power in our life. Amen

Prayer Challenge

Determine to learn more of God’s promises and draw from them confidently.

Digging Deeper

Read Jeremiah 31:1-4

Read Jeremiah 17:14

Read Psalm 103:10-12

  Read Isaiah 30:15     

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