July 30, 2022

Above All

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods. (Psalm 95:3,ESV)

For Insight

If you continue reading Psalm 95 you will participate in a worship song of praise to the only true God and Lord! The psalmist goes on to say in verses 4 forward that God holds the depths of the earth in His hands and even the mighty mountains are His. The sea is His because He alone made it and by His own hands He formed the dry land. With deep humility and awe our only response can and should be to bow down before Him and praise Him with all our might because He alone is our Maker, our Creator and sustainer! Everything He touches turns to good.

I wonder why—and maybe you do as well—we tend to diminish God? Even laid against our daily problems, our earthly struggles and life challenges we see Him as small and incapable of bringing us through our life situations? We don’t do it purposely or consciously, but our (initial) reaction to the events and incidents of this life is to fret, worry, and feel there is no hope or help to get us through, yet our God, as the psalmists reminds, is great and anyone who can fashion mountains, form seas, hold the depths of the earth in their hands has got to be truly magnificent and great beyond measure!

My tendency to diminish our great God is one of the reasons I am grateful for His patience with me and that He is so gracious to me. He knows I tend to be like the father in the Gospel of Mark who has brought his young son for healing and says to Jesus, “if you can do anything…” But Jesus’ response of “What do you mean, ‘If I can?” “Anything is possible if a person believes.” Reassures this worried father  there is nothing too hard or impossible for our great God! (Mark 9:22-23). I admit I am much better at not boxing God in or diminishing His power to address or change my circumstances than I used to be, and I praise him that I will become even better as He keeps on working with me! 

In the pasture of God, we are watched over, protected, well taken care of. Not one need we have will be dismissed or seen as petty. Thinking on God’s great power and goodness can cause our response to be more than mere words but a song of praise, turning prayer into a joyful noise for the One who is the rock of our salvation not after He has worked out our problem or produced our miracle but while we are still waiting for it to manifest in our life and circumstances!         

Praying Psalm 95:3

Mighty God in the midst of personal or national crisis we can slide into doubt or forget Your great power and that You sit on high and reign above all things. May our faith in You become rock solid and our feeble prayers in time of need become songs of praise that are heard throughout the earth and in the heavens. Amen

Prayer Challenge

Turn your prayer of need into a song of praise.

Digging Deeper

Read Psalm 95:1-11

Read Psalm 96:4

Read Psalm 113:1-9

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