July 11, 2022

You’re So Brainy!

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14, ESV)

For Insight

The Amygdala is that part of the memory system in the human brain that acts as the center of our emotional memory. Some psychologists refer to it as the “color TV of memory” because it helps us remember how something smells or tastes, details that stand out in an experience. It helps consolidate our memories and makes them permanent as well as help us know what is right so we can do what’s right and make good decisions in that moment. Its the reason people who have experienced something traumatic can remember certain details so well.

When we consider the human brain and how intricately it is designed, we cannot help but glorify God. Who, but God could have created something so amazingly practical yet so mysterious? When it came to putting humans together God did not spare any marvel or detail. Drawing godly attention to the way God made us to live in this human body—flesh, yet spiritual beings living out a human experience in a physical world—we can appreciate how he equipped us for this earthly life and gave us everything we needed to fair well. The brain is an awesome machine with complex systems that no human could have formed or even thought to create. Like every system in our body the brain needs attention, to be cared for, considered, protected, well-nourished, and not mistreated, or downplayed in its importance.

The next time you have a complex problem before you, or are faced with something challenging, consider it a partnership between you and God the Creator to solve your problem. As you treat your brain with respect remember how brainy God created you and that you have all the parts you need to make good and well thought out decisions.  

Praying Psalm 139:14

Father, my God and Creator, thank You for all the parts You gave this human body and all the ways I have been gifted and blessed through You to live out my earthly experience. May I, more and more, come to appreciate and respect every system in my body and especially my brain. Amen   

Prayer Challenge

Ask God to expand your understanding of how the human body, especially the brain operates. Pray for each system of your body to operate efficiently.  

Digging Deeper

Read Psalm 139:1-24

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