July 1, 2022

With All Authority!

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

And Jesus came and said to them to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” (Matthew 28:18, ESV)

For Insight

There is, after that statement Jesus made, a period(.) Grammatically speaking it means though another statement or sentence may follow, the statement or sentence can stand by itself, it is conclusive. Jesus wants us to fully receive and believe what he told his disciples before he ascended into heaven. He has risen, not with partial, but ALL authority. He does not share his authority with demons of any force of evil, and any authority we have must come through and from him.

Have you noticed in the workplace, government, even in our homes the need to establish authority is sometimes a very divisive matter? It’s an area that divides households, marriages, the workplace, governing officials, even the Church. It seems everyone wants to be the one in authority and no one wants to be under authority. The struggle for authority is no different today than when Jesus was here in the flesh. His authority was debated, questioned, and rejected (Luke 20:2).

Those who belong to Christ can be assured of and operate under his authority. We can know his authority carries weight (it is the weight) and even if people reject or doubt it, whether the forces of evil test it, it is true and cannot be reversed. Next to Christ any power is limited and as long as we believe, accept and understand the authority of Christ over every power on earth and under the earth, not even the demons will have control over us. We will not have to live in fear, seek permission, be held back, be ruled by, or listen to anyone other than Christ.

Adam and Eve and we sin under the influence of and being tempted by Satan, but he is not our god; not the authority over us. He does not and cannot determine our path or control our blessings. He has no authority to speak over our life or do what he wishes with us. Even to inflict any trial or misery he must first seek the permission of our heavenly Father (Read Job 1:6-12;                 Read Job 2:1-8). Living under the authority of our risen Savior can bolster our confidence of faith and be our blessed position and state.             

 Praying Matthew 28:18

Jesus, you rose with all authority and power and now you cover us with that same authority and power. We are under and operate by your indefectible, irrefutable power and authority. We have no need to fear nor bow down to any presence or activity of evil, only know you have us covered and protected. Amen    

Prayer Challenge

AskJesus to strengthen and embolden you to live confidently, with authority, not over people, but rejecting the authority the forces of evil try to establish over you.  

Digging Deeper

Read Mark 1:27

Read Luke 10:19

Read John 5:27

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