June 30, 2022

Therefore, Be Alert

Key Verses to Read and Treasure

To that end keep alert with all perseverance (Ephesians 6:18, ESV)  

For Insight

Have you noticed anymore that your attentiveness and level of awareness has gone up a notch or two, especially with so many random acts of violence and mass shootings taking place with regularity? It seems everywhere we go there is some kind of danger we need to be aware of. Of course, this need is not new, it has always been, however recent events and the frequency of these violent attacks that result in injury and death can cause us to become more vigilant and alert in our surroundings. We can no longer afford to be oblivious or unsuspecting (not that we ever could).

On a recent trip to the pharmacy, I paused before getting out of the car, whispering a prayer for protection and safety. Reminded I could not assume just because it was intended to be a quick errand did not mean I would make it out without injury or alive. To be alert means to be quick to notice any unusual and potentially dangerous or difficult circumstances. It means to be “vigilant; in a state of watchfulness for possible danger, threat, or problem; being quick to understand and act in a particular situation.” That would mean the opposite of alert would be being unmindful, incautious, unaware, or inattentive. Our children are being trained to be alert in their school or other settings, and we hear all the time “If you see something, say something.” Meaning be alert and attentive not unaware or inattentive.

The counsel of Paul—just as the counsel of Jesus to his followers—to be alert and aware, stands as necessary and important today as then. Because the forces of evil are always at work somewhere, everywhere, through those who are willing or unaware, doing something to bring harm and destruction, we cannot afford to be caught unawares or being inattentive. We can be sure as the days increase and times grow darker as the Bible instructs us will happen before Christ’s returns, our need to be alert will remain.  

While danger is real and present every hour of the day praise God our Father who remains vigilant, who never sleeps nor slumbers, who is always watching over us, sending his holy angels to guard us in all our ways and his Holy Spirit to direct and guide us, we don’t have to live as fearful, frightened people but can be assured as we move about, that God has us in his hands and care. Learning we can be both confident of covering and alert in our comings and goings can put us at rest and give us peace of mind and heart.   

Praying Ephesians 6:18

Lord, we are not the only ones who have lived in turbulent times where danger was daily, real, and present in every age for every generation there has been a need to stay aware and be alert. Thank you for your heavenly covering and protection, thank you for your warnings to us that are not only wise but help us to be vigilant and smart. Amen    

Prayer Challenge

Ask God to assist you to become better at spotting the potential for danger and to react accordingly and in a wise way.

Digging Deeper     

Read I Peter 5:8

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