June 28, 2022

Baseless Accusations

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account (Matthew 5:11, ESV)

For Insight

How do you react when someone or others make false accusations against you? It’s not only not a good feeling, it’s something that can get you ire up, make you angry, and yes, jump in to defend yourself or set the record straight. One year, during our churches VBS I got into a fight with another girl because she called my grandmother a name and spoke about her in a way I knew was untrue and did not appreciate. In my frustration I hit her which escalated into a fight. My grandmother found us scuffling on the floor of the women’s restroom and pulled us apart (I think I was winning!) Later when I explained why I was fighting, my grandmother explained though she appreciated my defense of her, she never worried about the things people said which were not true. She knew God would defend her and make them look foolish.    

Jesus said we’re blessed when others speak falsely against and accuse us. “Falsely” is the key. It’s not the same when people are talking about us and what they are saying, or whispering is true. To receive the blessing or be in a blessed state we need to be innocent of the accusation. God promises to be our defense which is why Christ did not have to defend himself or refute the things people said about him during his earthly ministry. They called him Beelzubub, the prince of demons (Matt. 12:24), said he was a blasphemer, a glutton and alcoholic (Matt. 11:19), a friend of tax collectors (implying he approved of or shared their work ethic), was dishonest, and much more. Because he knew every accusation was baseless, he did not need to address what was being said, he knew God and his righteous way of life would be his defense.

False and baseless accusations are still a work of the devil today to discourage us, ruin our reputation, and defeat us, but the promise of God still holds true. He will not only defend us but cause us to be blessed so others will not only be proven wrong but witness our blessed state.  Whenever our peace is disrupted by the baseless accusations of others God does not want us to become sidetracked, overwhelmed, defensive, or seek revenge, but remember he has a plan, a holy reaction, and we will be recipients of his blessing.     

Praying Matthew 5:11

It is our human reaction, Lord, whenever we are accused falsely, to react and defend ourselves, but it’s not so easy to remain silent and be filled with peace. May we remember at these moments and occurrences that we are the ones who are blessed and those who say false things against us will have to deal with you. Amen

Digging Dipper

Read Isaiah 54:17

Read Romans 12:19

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