June 22, 2022

What Does a Christ-like Attitude Look and Feel Like?

Key Verse to Read and Treasure

Finally, all of you should be of one mind. Sympathize with each other. Love each other as brothers and sisters. Be tender hearted, and keep a humble attitude. (I Peter 3:8, NLT)

For Insight

Peter lays out five characteristics all believers—singularly and as a group—should possess:

They are to be unified. This attitude is not only to be found in churches and religious organizations, but within smaller groups. Even in marriage and family. Large or small, we are to pull together to accomplish the will of God in Christ Jesus. Even a family can have a mission statement and goal to serve the Lord using the gifts and talents he has knit within them so they are always working together to accomplish the will of God in their life together.

They are to possess sympathy.   Meaning we are responsive to one another needs. We are not to have a cold heart or be uncaring especially when it comes to the sufferings of others. God knows a sympathetic heart will cause us to respond to the needs and suffering of others in a Christ like manner.

They are to possess love. Not a lustful, objectifying, self-serving kind of love, but a brotherly and sisterly love. The love described as agape type love, which is the higher form of love, charitable. Such as the kind of love God has for his children.

They are to be tenderhearted, being affectionate, sensitive, and caring for one another. We are not to have cold, unfeeling hearts, but warm, caring, tender hearts that are moved by the suffering of others.

They are to have a humble spirit and attitude. Being willing to encourage one another and rejoice in each other’s successes. Humility can be difficult for those who tend to be narcissistic, prideful and self-absorbed but with sincere hearts we can encourage one another and rejoice in the victories and successes others experience.  

When we read Peter’s description of what a Christ-like attitude looks like we might feel sorely lacking, but also relieved God is willing to strive with us as we learn and grow. He does not expect we will come out of the womb possessing a Christ-like attitude or that it will naturally develop as we age chronologically, but as we submit to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit it will occur. We’ll have good days and bad. Proud days and those with disappointing outcomes. Times where we feel God smile at us and other times where we can sense his disappointment or conviction. God’s joy is seeing our life reflect the blessing of what it means to be a work in progress.           

Praying I Peter 3:8

Jesus, only with your help can we achieve such spiritual goals. Grant that we have more “good” days than bad. More days where a godly character and attitude show as opposed to the opposite. Amen  

Prayer Prompt

Choose one Christ-like attitude to pray for and about in your day-to-day interactions.  

Digging Deeper:

Read Philippians 2:5

Read I Peter 4:1

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