June 6, 2022

Angels Among Us

Key Passage to Read and Treasure

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. (Psalm 91:11, ESV)

For Insight

There are several ways God uses his angels to carry out his purposes on earth, in the lives of people, and in the universe and heavenlies. When you read your Bible, you will see how God sent angels to protect us, deliver messages to us, minister to us, wage spiritual warfare, fighting the forces of darkness. God’s angels worship him, serve us, and execute judgment at the command of God.   

God can use angels any way he wants or needs. When Jesus had fasted for forty days in the wilderness and was weak, the devil came to tempt him because he thought Jesus was too weak to resist temptation. Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, overcame the devils temptations and afterward an angel came and ministered to him ( Read Matthew 4:11). The writer of Hebrews cautions us to be careful how we treat others. Because angels can be locally present; meaning they can indwell humans, it’s possible that we can be encountering an angel of God, sent to fulfill his purpose and not recognize it. You might have experienced an event where you know it was an angel of the Lord that helped, saved, delivered, protected, or watched over you. Many years ago, as I stood in line at a local delicatessen the cashier kept looking past me as I waited my turn. When I reached her, she told me, “Your angel is with you. I saw him come in with you and follow you everywhere you went. He is a very formidable figure, he has a very kind, but protective spirit.” I thanked her for sharing. I was filled with gratitude to know God thinks enough of me to guard me in all my ways just as the psalm says and had appointed an angel to be with me.       

Of course, there are dark angels too. Satan has a host of angels sent to fulfill his purposes of evil and unleash dark acts on the world and in the lives of God’s people; they also can be locally present and indwell people. Because Satan’s angels like to masquerade as angels of light, we are to always be alert, stay close to God and aware. Our angels will fight our battles and watch over us and although angels are created beings just as we are, we are never to worship them only thank and praise God for his heavenly hosts who serve his purposes and bless our lives.      

Praying Psalm 91:11

Holy Father, we are so blessed that you have seen fit to send your heavenly angels to serve us in so many ways. Having the help, protection, and accompaniment of angels is one of the benefits of the covenant relationship we enjoy with you. Knowing we are covered in so many ways help us live and walk confidently in a world where we are surrounded by darkness and the forces of evil. Amen    

Digging Deeper

Read Psalm 103:20

Read Hebrews 1:14

Read Daniel 10:10-14

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