May 31, 2022

God Will Not Abandon You, Ever

Key Verse to Study and Treasure:

Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices; my flesh also dwells secure. For you will not abandon my soul to Sheol, or let your holy one see decay. (Psalm 16:9-10, ESV)


Abandon or abandonment means “to cease support or looking after; to desert; give up on completely, both as a course of action, practice, or a way of thinking.”

When we think about this it’s sobering. Many are growing up today having been abandoned by one or both parents. Without the support of anyone who loves them, cares for them, or looks after them. Knowing this is possible and happens quite often in human relationships is even more reason to find comfort and rejoice when we are part of relationships where we are not abandoned, but even more than human relationships, our rejoicing over what God promises to his creation. God promises to never abandon us: not in care, not in support, not in feelings, not in thinking, no matter how terrible we are. Believers: those who listen to him, follow him, and love him are not the only ones God supports and looks after. As long as there is human life upon the earth God will not abandon us.

David’s psalm was not only a prophecy of Christ’s resurrection but a testimony and claiming of God’s promised care and support even after physical death. Not even the grave (Sheol) will separate us from the care and love of God the Father, Creator and sustainer of life. As the saying goes; “From the cradle to the grave” but with God his sticking with us is from the womb and beyond the grave or death unto eternity.

As we meditate and treasure David’s prayer of praise we might also think of the relationships we enjoy with others who have not abandoned us in this life. We might praise God for those who have not given up on us, not stopped supporting us or loving us no matter how terrible we are at times, which we all have been and are at times.

Praying Psalm 16:9-10

Loving Father, the knowledge that you are always present and active in my life leaves me with a profound sense of well-being and security. Your promise to sustain me in this life and even beyond the grave gives me confidence that I can endure anything, including physical death. Amen

Going Deeper; Additional verses about God’s Stick-to-itiveness:

  Read Acts 2:25-28          

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