May 25, 2022

When God’s Help is Delayed (Day 3)

Read Key Verse

But I am poor and needy; hasten to me, O God! You are my help and my deliverer; O LORD, do not delay! (vs 5, ESV)

Studying Psalm 70

Who has not prayed this kind of prayer we see in Psalm 70:5? I know I have countless times and I’m sure you have also. In fact, you may be praying a similar prayer right now for some matter or situation. Asking God to move swiftly in your life or circumstances. Reminding him you are needy, poor in something. Poor in health, finances, patience, help, answers. Reminding him doors are shutting or not opening, time is of the essence, that you need his help or intervention quickly.  When we think about it, we very seldom pray any prayer saying, “God whenever you get around to it, whenever you feel like it, it’s okay.” No, whenever we pray, we are usually wanting and needing him to do it quickly, to respond immediately.

Our subject this week has been on remaining in faith or having faith in God when his answer or help is delayed, when God does not move as swiftly as we need or would like him to. In David’s prayer we can see him asking God to hasten to satisfy his need. He was not experiencing economical poverty, but a poverty of the soul and spirit. His prayer of urgency reminds us of our human frailness and poverty and how every generation has called out to God and imploring him to respond without delay.  We might be comforted to see that while we see David as a super-saint, or amazing servant of God, he also had times he felt a sense of spiritual or other desperation.    

Meditating on Psalm 70:5 to make it personal…

David prayed “O LORD I am poor and needy; do not delay” in coming to me. Do not delay in showing up or addressing my need. Maybe he was like a lot of us when we don’t know how much longer we can hold on or if we can hold on another moment. We need God’s help desperately, he must see our weakened condition, he must know we cannot keep holding on. Why does he delay? What does David’s vulnerability and transparency in Psalm 70 bring to mind? How are you led to meditate on psalm 70 today?      

Praying Psalm 70:5

O God, you are our help and Deliverer, we don’t have another place to turn or go when we are depleted or in any kind of trouble or need. Thank you for promising to respond to our need and even when you help seems to be delayed (in our estimation) it is always right on time. Keep us faith-filled O God! Amen

Going Deeper:  Read Psalm 70:1-5  

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