May 21, 2022

You Can Hide Out in God!

Read Psalm 32:7

You are a hiding place for me; you preserve me from trouble; you surround me with shouts of deliverance (ESV)

Studying Psalm 32:7

God is a safe place for us. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that. The world can beat us up. We can feel targeted and estranged for so many reasons. Because of our race, politics, sexuality, and any number of factors. But God is always a safe place for us and in him we are not attacked, accused, hated, mistreated, nor maligned. There are so few safe places to be, so few people that are willing to become a safe place, a haven, or place we can hide in.

When David writes about his own experiences of needing God to shelter him or hide him out, does not mean he was always hiding from the world or enemies, sometimes he was just tucking into God more closely and when God hides us it does not mean we are trying to hide from someone in particular or the world either, but rather needing a place where we are sheltered, nurtured, understood, protected from the sharp edges of others and a world that does not want nor need to understand our special needs or vulnerabilities. When God hides us, he is also preserving and restoring us which always results in our emerging stronger and ready to take on the world or others again.        

Meditating on Psalm 32:7

How do David’s words or declaration touch you especially today as you meditate on them?

Praying Psalm 32:7

Thank you, God for being that person and place we can come to. Not only come but just rest in, knowing we are sheltered, protected, being restored, and preserved. The battles of this life can become a bit much, so we are grateful to have a place to come where we can be made stronger and understood. Amen   

Going Deeper:

Read Psalm 119:114

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