May 19, 2022

The Dangers of Being Double-Minded

1.Read: James 1:8

Their loyalty is divided between God and the world, and they are unstable in everything they do. (NLT)

2.Studying James 1:8

Sometimes as we deal with or encounter those who are double-minded, we categorize them as being someone who suffers with “bipolar disorder”. Among those who might exhibit excessive energy at one time or have accelerated thoughts, speech, and activity and at other times, experience deep depression, despair, and hopelessness. One condition (bipolar) should be diagnosed and treated medically and the other (double-mindedness,) should be treated spiritually.  

The apostle James describes the “double-minded” individual as one who is divided between God and the world. In other words, they have not made up their mind to be all-in with Christ, they go between faith and unbelief, are still attracted to and following the ways of the world. Using which ever one best suit them for the moment or time. They move between being carnal, utilizing world tactics and strategies and the things or ways of God. In the Gospel of Luke (16:13) Jesus cautioned the double-minded that they cannot pull off serving both God and the world. They need to make a commitment to one or the other or they would end up hating one and loving the other, loving one and hating the other. Without that commitment their life would begin to unravel. Perhaps this is what James was saying when he said the double-minded were “unstable in all their ways”. Today we can see this play out all the time. Knowing double-minded and unstable people are the most difficult to deal with because you never know where they are coming from, which side they will shake out on. Content in Christ one moment and full of the world, the next. Full of “Hallelujah” one day and Hell the next. “Sweetness one day and Gall the next”. Love one day, and hatred the next.  

God desires and makes accommodation for us to enjoy completeness of unity in him. In Christ there is no need for being double-minded, no need to be torn between two worlds, two personalities, two behaviors or thoughts. We are blessed to have medical science to treat the condition of bipolar and Jesus to be the medicine of the soul. Both are treatable and both can enjoy peace and ease.

3.Meditating on James 1:8

Pay attention to how your heart responds as you meditate on James 1:8

4.Praying James 1:8

Savior, I don’t want to be torn between faith and unbelief. Make me aware when I am acting like a double-minded person and plant my mind and heart solidly on you. Amen    

Going Deeper:

Read James 1:1-8

Read Luke 16:13

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