May 18, 2022

Cast Your Anxieties on God!

1.Read I Peter 5:7

Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. (ESV)  

2.Studying I Peter 5:7

During our previous Bible lesson, we studied the art of casting our burdens or cares upon the Lord, and how it is an intentional, forceful activity. During this lesson we will understand how the practice of “casting” our anxieties on the Lord can help free us of anxiety.

Through the experience of the apostle Peter—who also knew what it meant to experience anxiety. While Peter’s came about as a result of denying his friend and Savior, Jesus Christ, anxiety can come into our life and person for a number of reasons. However we experience anxiety we can know God’s invitation to cast it onto him is open to us. It is a promise that is powerful and effective. An encounter with Jesus brought Peter the relief he needed. Once he gave his anxiety to the Lord he could move forward in life and service. At times we might be like Peter, knowing what it is to carry emotional, mental, or heart burdens; to have anxiety on our heart that weighs us down. Whether we have wronged someone we care deeply about, have done something out of character for us that hurt someone, or our last interaction with someone was not the best and has been eating away at us. This anxiety is extremely difficult to carry through life and can lead to our destruction in a number of ways.

God wants to relieve us of weighty and life-draining anxiety. He does not want us going through life burdened down or anxious. Not from guilt, shame, regret, or anything else. God invites us to cast our anxiety on him because he knows until we do, we will not experience joy nor peace in life. We will not walk in liberation, only limp, at best. The reason God does so is simple: because he cares for us. Because he loves us deeply. The intensity of his love for his created sent his own son, Jesus, to die for us on the cross and it is a love that does not diminish or fade, ever. Receiving and relieving our anxiety is another way he demonstrates his love for us. We can relate to this kind of love when we think of those who mean so much to us that there is nothing, we would not do for them. When they are suffering or feeling anxious, we wish we could take their anxiety away so they can have the relief they need. This is the kind of love–but even greater—that God has for us.           

3.Meditating on I Peter 5:7

What part of I Peter 5:7 will you meditate on most today? Do you have a burden of anxiety you need to cast onto the Lord?  

4.Praying I Peter 5:7

Lord, thank you for extending the invitation to cast all my anxieties on you. Thank you for the ways you care for and about me and make provision for me to live a life free from anxiety. Your way for me is good and beneficial and once I become used to living this way I will prosper in my soul and life. Amen     

Going Deeper:

Read Philippians 4:6-7

Read Matthew 6: 25, 34

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